$81.5 Million Investment to Enhance Internet Infrastructure Across Indiana: Governor Holcomb Announced

In the most recent round of funding for the Next Level Connections Broadband Grant Program, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb allocated an extra $81.5 million.

With the most recent round of funding, more than 34,000 homes and businesses in 54 counties across Indiana will have access to internet infrastructure, making the program the biggest investment of its type in the nation.

According to Holcomb, thousands of Hoosiers in almost every part of the state have been connected through the groundbreaking broadband grant program. To address the nationwide issue of technological inequality, several states have sought to imitate this approach. Every citizen will have the key to a better, more connected future thanks to this program, which makes sure everyone has access to the information they need.

Over $135 million in matching funds were contributed by 17 telecommunications providers and utility cooperatives in the fourth phase of the award program, bringing the total investment for broadband to over $216 million.

Utilities cooperatives and broadband service providers can apply for up to $5 million to expand service to unserved areas with a 20% match.

“Broadband expansion isn’t just about connecting homes, it’s about connecting Hoosiers to a brighter future,” stated Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch, Indiana’s Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development, in the release. “Reliable, high-speed Internet unlocks opportunities for education, healthcare and jobs, improving the quality of life for all Indiana residents.”

More than 102,000 homes and commercial locations will be connected through broadband infrastructure projects funded by the Next Level Connections Broadband Grant Program, which has distributed $328 million as per GovTech News.

Private and local investors have contributed about $426 million to the state’s coffers since 2018. By the end of all Next Level Connections Broadband Grant Program rounds, 88 out of Indiana’s 92 counties will have completed connectivity projects.

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