7 Woman Abducted; Molested by Self-Proclaimed Bishop in Philadelphia; Wanted to Make Perfect Race of Humans

In Philadelphia, Gary Heidnik, who called himself a bishop, went on a bad mission. He abducted and locked up six women in his basement in order to make what he called a “perfect race.”

From what I’ve learned, the next episode of People Magazine Investigates: Surviving A Serial Killer will be about his horrible acts and the lives of his victims.

For Gary Heidnik, crime started after he lost control of his three kids and went to prison.

He planned to take women, hold them captive, and get them pregnant so he could raise his children without any outside help while he lived alone in Philadelphia.

In 1986, he lived in a simple house in the northern part of Philadelphia, but he had a lot of money.

He started the United Church of the Ministers of God and called himself a bishop to protect his money even more.

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He ran this church out of his home as a front for tax breaks. This kept people from finding out what his real goals were and keeping his actions from being looked into.

A s*x worker named Josefina Rivera was taken hostage, which was the start of the evil.

Rivera was locked up in Heidnik’s basement with chains. Sandra Lindsey, Lisa Thomas, Deborah Dudley, Jacqueline Askins, and Agnes Adams later joined her.

All of Heidnik’s victims were black or Hispanic, which was very different from his own race.

In a sneak peek from the episode “Surviving the Bishop’s Basement,” Chuck Peruto, Heidnik’s defense lawyer, talks about his client’s disgusting goals.

Peruto says, “His plan was to get them pregnant in his basement so he could raise a perfect race.”

“They were going to be half Black and half White.” They were not going to let the outside world affect them.

The women were tortured in unimaginable ways while they were being held captive. They were severely abused physically and mentally by Heidnik, who wanted to break their souls and make them do what he wanted.

The nightmare went on for months, and Heidnik’s violence got worse until it was deadly.

Sandra Lindsey and Deborah Dudley finally gave up because Heidnik put them in terrible situations and tortured them.

After being held captive for four months, Josefina Rivera was able to escape and call the police. This helped save the other three women and led to Heidnik’s arrest.

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