Teacher Arrested after Abusing 7-year-old in Class; Brutally Kicked, Pushed and Punched the Kid in South Carolina

A preschool teacher in South Carolina is being charged with abusing a child. Police say she hit, kicked, pushed, and pulled a 7-year-old boy.

Channel 9 heard from the child’s mother that he had to go to the hospital because his injuries were so bad.

Reporter Tina Terry found out that the whole thing was caught on camera. The mom said it was awful to see. She didn’t want to be caught on camera, but she did say that the suspect should be held responsible for what she is said to have done.

“Having six great-grandchildren makes me mad,” Lynell McAteer, a neighbor, said.

Detectives said that kids at a daycare inside Lancaster’s Springdell Baptist Church call Amanda Dee Ann Henry “Ms. Mandy.”

He was charged with child abuse by Lancaster County police on Wednesday for something that happened in April. In the police report, it says that an officer “saw surveillance video of the event.” In part, he summed it up by saying:

“Amy picks up the child while the child kicks and thrashes.” For a while, she “kicks” the child and “shoves [the child] to the ground.” It says, “Amanda pushes and then drags [the child] by his ears into a classroom once [the child] is back on his feet.”

On Thursday, the child’s mother told Terry that her son had to go to the hospital because he was hurt.

Some neighbors, like McAteer, said they hope this incident stops others from happening.

Atheer said, “I hope she has time.” They should show other people that they can’t mess with our kids.

Deputies say Henry is no longer in jail because he paid a bond of more than $27,000. On July 16, she is set to make her first court appearance.

We were told by Terry’s babysitter that they would send a statement, but that statement has not been sent yet.