60-year-old Man sent to prison for 90 years after Killing Spree that claimed 2 Lives in Houston

Houston, TX: After being found guilty of two charges of murder, the guy who went on a two-day crime spree in 2017 and killed two people and injured a third received a sentence of 90 years in prison.

At the age of 53, Russell Cormier murdered his ex-wife and a former colleague in Houston’s northeast. Cormier is now 60 years old. Due to past conflicts, he also had a list of further individuals he intended to eliminate.

Outside of her Greencanyon Drive house, Cormier accosted his ex-wife Fannie McWhite, 61, on the morning of April 17, 2017, as she prepared to go to work. The fact that she had gone on a cruise so soon after their four-year divorce irritated him. During their altercation, he fatally shot her.

After leaving his northeastern trailer, where he lived, Cormier gathered his belongings, lit them on fire, and went to Superior Truck Care, Kindred Street, the workplace of a former coworker.

Cormier shot and killed Thornton Bivens, a 60-year-old man, at that location. Over the past four years, they hadn’t collaborated.

Returning to his trailer the following day, Cormier shot his neighbor in the stomach using a shotgun. This neighbor survived the attack.

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Deputy sheriffs from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office took Cormier into custody on April 21, 2017. In northeast Harris County, at Gerber Park on Gaston Street, he was discovered hiding beneath a slide.

“We are grateful that the jury agreed that this man is extremely dangerous to our community and deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison,” Assistant District Attorney Sepi Zimmer said. “He had a mental list of people he was going to kill, and the people who are still alive should be able to live their lives in safety and without fear.”

The fact that the victims of the massacre had all had issues with Cormier in the past was the only thing that linked them.


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