6-month-old Dead after Ingesting Drugs which Father Used and Passed out while Watching Them; Mom also Indicted by Jury

A woman was found guilty of killing her six-month-old baby at a Days Inn hotel in northwest Albuquerque.

It only took them less than 30 minutes to decide what to do about Gloria Tesillo. They found her guilty of first-degree child abuse that killed a kid and third-degree child abuse.

Tesillo told the cops that she worked at the Days Inn and left her sister to care for her twin babies in a hotel room. It was also the home of her six-month-old twins and their father.

When Tesillo went back to their room, she saw that one of the twins was not moving or awake.

Police say that someone flagged them down near the hotel to talk about the baby. Then the first rescuers showed up and tried to save lives. Still, the child was said to be dead.

Police said they found drugs and drug residue all over the room, where the baby and her sister could easily reach them. “Black tar residue” was found on most of the floor, and police said there was a “straw pipe” in a car seat.

In the end, medical officials found that the baby died because of the harmful effects of meth.

Police say they talked to the father, who told them he passed out from using fentanyl while watching the kids. He found the child dead when he woke up.

The other child had a hair follicle test done by the police. It was said that the child tested positive for benzodiazepines, weed, cocaine, and fentanyl.