2-Year-Old Duct Taped Girl Rescued After Apartment Maintenance Technician Inform Houston Police

Houston, TX: Three individuals have been arrested and are currently in custody, facing charges for exposing a 2-year-old girl to severe and unimaginable cruelty.

Kenry Flukers, aged 23, Toniesha Perkins, aged 27, and Mya Breaux-McGruder, aged 17, are currently being charged with the offenses of causing harm to a child and illegally confining a juvenile.

Maintenance technicians, present at Perkins’ apartment on November 28 to repair a dishwasher, made a shocking revelation. While they were working, they heard the sounds of a young child’s distress coming from the living room.

Upon investigation, they encountered a distressing scene – the child, restrained with duct tape and concealed under a blanket. Alarmed by the sight, the workers captured photographic and video evidence of the occurrence inside the flat, subsequently informing the Houston police.

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Child Protective Services arrived at the apartment 48 hours after the incident. Perkins endeavored to shift responsibility onto the other children residing in the unit, claiming that they frequently restrained the youngster on their own. Nevertheless, the caseworker saw the undernourished condition of the 2-year-old, which led to additional inquiry.

During the examination conducted at Texas Children’s Hospital, physicians disclosed the full scope of the child’s injuries, which encompassed acute kidney injury, bilateral subdural hemorrhages, anemia, malnourishment, subconjunctival hemorrhages, and retinal hemorrhages. According to court documents, the girl’s weight upon arrival at the hospital was comparable to that of a one-year-old.

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