17-year-old Brutally Molested by Man in Pennsylvania; Perpetrator Arrested by Authorities

After being accused of sexually assaulting and grooming a minor victim, a man from Waynesboro is currently facing a number of accusations at this time.

Several charges have been brought against Paul Andrew Wolfe, including two counts of child pornography, felony criminal use of a communication facility, felony contact/communications with sexual abuse, and misdemeanor corruption of kids.

These charges are all considered to be serious offenses. Wolfe is currently being held in custody on a bail of $150,000.

A child line complaint of a 17-year-old victim who had been sexually assaulted and groomed was initially received by the Waynesboro Police Department. The department then followed up with the victim and their mother.

Officers conducted interviews with both the victim and her mother, and based on their findings, they determined that the alleged assault took place at the residence of Paul Wolfe, the individual who is accused of taking advantage of the minor for an extended period of time.

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There were multiple warrants executed on Wolfe’s phone, and it was purportedly found to include more than three thousand text conversations that were sent between the victim and Wolfe. At least some of the text messages, according to the WPD, were of a sexual character and contained photos.

Officers came to the conclusion, following a thorough investigation, that the photographs that were displayed in the communications were an unmistakable representation of the young victim that Wolfe had requested.

Tristate Alert reported that Paul Wolfe is still incarcerated on a bail of $150,000.

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