140 MPH Hot Police Chase in Georgia; 2 Sent to Hospital After Collision With Stolen Bikes

Dalton, Georgia:  Two motorcyclists were injured and taken to the hospital following a pursuit with Georgia troopers that resulted in a collision.

On a Saturday morning around 10 a.m., Georgia State Patrol troopers spotted two black BMW 1000RR motorcycles zooming past them on Interstate 75 northbound in Bartow County.

The Georgia State Patrol reported that troopers apprehended the motorcyclists in the vicinity of mile marker 289 after attempting to halt them. However, both riders declined to comply, resulting in a pursuit.

As per GSP, both motorcyclists were observed driving in a reckless manner, swiftly maneuvering through traffic at speeds of 140 mph.

The pursuit extended into Gordon County on I-75, with additional law enforcement agencies joining in.

According to officials, troopers made multiple attempts to surround the motorcyclists, but one rider ended up colliding with the back of a trooper’s patrol car and started swerving across the middle lane.

An accident occurred involving a motorcyclist who lost control of his bike, resulting in an overturn in the right lane and the rider being ejected.

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The GSP reported that Gordon County deputies made an unsuccessful attempt to stop and accidentally collided with the motorcycle’s rear tire while it was leaning over. During the incident, a deputy accidentally collided with the rider using the lower part of their patrol vehicle. The rider was transported to Hamilton Medical Center for treatment.

Shortly after the initial motorcycle crash, another motorcycle reappeared at 10:40 a.m. and evaded authorities, leading to a subsequent pursuit with troopers. Officials reported that the second rider continued to drive northbound on I-75 in a reckless manner.

Troopers made multiple attempts to surround the motorcyclist, but were unable to succeed. At 10:43 a.m., troopers made another attempt to surround him, this time in the left lane of I-75 at mile marker 325.

According to GSP, during the incident, the motorcycle veered to the left and collided with a trooper’s patrol car, specifically hitting the front push bumper with its back tire. The rider lost control, causing the motorcycle to tip over on its left side and the driver to be thrown off.

The second motorcyclist was also transported to Hamilton Medical Center. The ages and identities of both drivers were not disclosed. Authorities have reported that both motorcycles were stolen from Greenville, SC.

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