$14 Million Granted To Address The Issue of Homelessness in Austin

Austin, TX: Ten organizations in Austin have been granted over $14 million to address the issue of homelessness in the area.

According to a statement from Sen. John Cornyn’s office, a significant amount of grant funding, totaling $14,367,281, has been allocated through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Continuum of Care Program. The objective of this funding is to offer housing assistance and support services to individuals, families, minors, and domestic violence survivors who are currently facing homelessness.

Several organizations were allocated a share of the funding:

  • Integral Care – $803,041
  • Caritas of Austin – $1,964,706
  • Ending Community Homelessness Coalition – $1,175,729
  • Housing Authority of the City of Austin – $839,696
  • Housing Authority of Travis County – $1,267,464
  • Sunrise Community Church – $350,900
  • The SAFE Alliance – $2,330,058
  • The Salvation Army, A Georgia Corporation – $687,690
  • LifeWorks – $2,505,579
  • Texas Homeless Network – $2,442,418

“Homelessness in Texas is on the rise, and higher costs on everything from rent to utilities to groceries have made it even harder for these individuals to get back on their feet,” Cornyn said. “This funding will give those on the front lines of this crisis in the Austin area the tools to help Texans secure permanent housing and achieve their long-term goals.”

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