11 States Had Listeria Contamination in Ricotta Cheese; Prompts Product Recall At Whole Foods

The Food and Drug Administration has disclosed that a fatal listeria outbreak has led to the recall of various dairy products, including ricotta cheese sold at Whole Foods.

Rizo-López Foods has issued a voluntary recall of several cheeses, yogurts, and sour creams following a recent outbreak that resulted in two fatalities and 23 hospitalizations, as reported by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.

The 11 states impacted include California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida.

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The CDC has announced that the actual number of individuals affected by this outbreak is probably greater than what has been reported. Furthermore, it is possible that the outbreak is not confined to the states where illnesses have been identified.

Be aware of the following brand names that have been recalled: 365 Whole Foods Market, Tio Francisco, Don Francisco, Rizo Bros, Rio Grande, Food City, El Huache, La Ordena, San Carlos, Campesino, Santa Maria, Dos Ranchitos, and Casa Cardenas.

In addition to Whole Foods, the contaminated products were also sold at various other retailers including El Super, Cardenas Market, Northgate Gonzalez, Superior Groceries, El Rancho, Vallarta, Food City, La Michoacana, and Numero Uno Markets.

The FDA cautions that symptoms of listeria can appear within a wide range of time, from as early as the same day to as late as ten weeks after consuming contaminated food. Common mild symptoms may include fever, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, exhaustion, and diarrhea.

More severe symptoms include a headache, stiffness in the neck, confusion, difficulty maintaining balance, and convulsions.

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