1 Man and 1 Woman Arrested and Charged with Homicide Charges for killing Teen in Denton

Denton, TX: Two individuals have been charged with Capital Murder as the Denton Police Department is still investigating the shooting death of 16-year-old Ely Mendez Gomez, according to an announcement made on Thursday night.

19-year-old from Sanger arrested for Murder On February 3, investigators found that Williams had followed Mendez Gomez’s vehicle all night before shooting him near Denia Park in south Denton.

Williams is romantically involved with 17-year-old Gabrielle Cortes, a Denton resident who was in the victim’s vehicle during the shooting.

Following Williams’ arrest, investigators pursued leads on the shooting and uncovered additional evidence indicating that Cortes had collaborated with Williams to orchestrate a robbery against the victim, according to a subsequent press release issued on Thursday evening.

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On Thursday afternoon, detectives secured a warrant for the arrest of Cortes on charges of Capital Murder. She is presently in Denton City Jail with a bond of $250,000 after surrendering on Thursday evening.

Williams is facing an upgraded charge of Capital Murder once it is submitted to the District Attorney’s Office. Williams is currently being held in Denton County Jail on a bond of $500,000.