Is There Going to Be Xo, Kitty Season 2? Let’s Find Out About it.

Today we will find out that season 2 of “XO, Kitty” is not about fire. And will do a little recap about season 1 for those, who haven’t seen this series till now, and also about its ratings and facts.

I will tell you all the updates related to “XO, Kitty” which are official. So let’s know about Season 2 of So Kitty.

What is in XO, Kitty? For Those Who Don’t Know About This Amazing Drama.

There are still many people who have not even heard the name of XO, kitty, what it is? So don’t worry about that I will tell you what it is and what it is not. And you will definitely see it after reading this. So the story goes like this.

The charming American romantic comedy-drama “XO, Kitty” enchants viewers with its touching plot and endearing characters. The beloved journey of two people, Kitty and Max, as they negotiate the challenges of love, self-discovery, and personal development is the subject of the famed director of XO, Kitty.

Kitty (played by Anna Cathcart) is a free-spirited and lively young woman who lives life to the fullest, set against the bright backdrop of a bustling city. 

She is an irresistible force that leaves a lasting impression on everyone she encounters, thanks to her contagious enthusiasm and sense of adventure. 

Kitty may have a bubbly exterior, but she actually has ambitions and desires, she’s hesitant to pursue.

Enter Max, a shy and reflective artist searching for his inspiration (played by a captivating actor). Max is stuck in a creative rut and is scrambling for ideas to feed his passion for art. As a result of their chance encounters, Kitty and Max find themselves on an unexpected journey of self-discovery, love, and transformation.

Xo, Kitty Season 2

In turn, Kitty is pushed to confront her anxieties and insecurities by Max’s reflective and analytical character, which encourages her to identify her genuine passions and ambitions.

They discover the value of taking chances, believing in themselves, and accepting the unpredictable nature of both love and life as their bond grows.

XO, Kitty brilliantly depicts the ups and downs of relationships, the pursuit of dreams, and the transformational power of love with the help of a dynamic ensemble cast of friends and family. 

The movie expertly combines lighter humor with touching scenes to create a gripping story that appeals to viewers of all ages.

Kitty tackles themes of self-discovery, personal development, and the search for happiness throughout the entire film XO.

The beauty of accepting life’s uncertainties, grabbing chances, and mustering the fortitude to follow one’s heart are all celebrated.

XO, Kitty inspires audiences to enjoy life to the fullest and embrace the wonder of love with its fascinating performances, compelling storyline, and uplifting moments.

Xo, Kitty Renewal? Know About Season 2

According to Netflix, this information has come that, XO, Kitty season 2 will come by 2024. So this is a happy cover for all the fans who are enjoying this drama series.

Xo, Kitty Season 2

Because shooting in production takes time for season 2. But will definitely come.

We might also get to see what will happen to Kitty’s love triangle. As soon as any update comes, then, don’t worry I am here for you with every update.

What Will Happen in Xo, Kitty Season 2? 

Everybody has a different kind of theory regarding the upcoming episodes, and what kind of twist can it take, but it will be known only when the next part of this series comes. You can comment on your theory, so, in Xo, Kitty season 2, everyone has their own thinking and creativity.

As far as I think, in the upcoming series Xo, Kitty Season 2, we will get to see a huge twist in Kitty’s love triangle. Due to this, there will be many changes in his life and the mention of Kitty’s mother can also be seen.

Now it has to be seen what further turn this love drama series will take. Am always here for you for updates. Till then you can watch this series again because it is very addictive and those who haven’t, must watch it.

What is the Cast of Xo, Kitty?

Xo, Kitty Season 2

Main Cast

  • Anna Cathcart as Kitty Song Covey
  • Choi Min-young as Dae
  • Anthony Keyvan as Q
  • Gia Kim as Yuri
  • Sang Heon Lee as Min Ho
  • Peter Thurnwald as Alex

Recurring Cast

  • Regan Aliyah as Juliana
  • Yunjin Kim as Jina
  • Michael K. Lee as Professor Lee
  • Jocelyn Shelfo as Madison
  • Lee Sung-wook as Mr. Kim
  • Théo Augier Bonaventure as Florian
  • John Corbett as Dan Covey
  • Lee Hyung-Chul as Mr. Han
  • Sarayu Blue as Trina
  • Sunny Oh as Mihee
  • Ryu Han-bi as Eunice

Cameos Cast

  • Han Chae-young as Dami, Min Ho’s Mother
  • Ok Taec-yeon as Ocean Park
  • Chaerin from Cherry Bullet as Lulu

Where Can You Watch Xo, Kitty Season 1

Xo, Kitty Season 2

You can watch the first season on Netflix and some other platforms for free download and watch it online. Web Series XO, Kitty was previously made available for full download on torrent websites including Filmywap, Dailymotion, Telegram, Tamilrockers, TvShowRulz, and 123mkv like these sites.

Rating of Xo, Kitty

According to Popular Rating Websites 

  • 6.8/10 on IMDb
  • 83% on Rotten Tomatoes
  • 3/5 on Common Sense Media


XO, Kitty is a charming romantic comedy-drama that skillfully combines love, self-discovery, and personal development into an enthralling tale. The movie serves as a reminder that true happiness may be achieved by taking a leap of faith thanks to its lovable characters and touching scenes. Sometimes the most spectacular journeys begin with unexpected contacts.

By the time Season 2 of Xo, Kitty comes out next year, you can watch Season 1.

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