Grace Kelley, Daughter of Wynonna Judd, arrested in Alabama for Indecent Exposure

Grace Kelley, the daughter of country star Wynonna Judd, was arrested by authorities in Alabama after indecent exposure on a busy highway. She was booked into the Elmore County Jail.

Kelley, 27, was charged with indecent exposure and obstructing governmental operations, according to court records. Her bond is set at $1,000.

Kelley allegedly “exposed her breasts and lower body” at a busy intersection on Interstate 65 and Highway 14 near Millbrook. The cops arrived and tried to arrest her. She resisted her arrest and refused to identify herself. She also apparently sat down on the road and refused to cooperate with police.

It is not clear whether the 27-year-old got a lawyer. It is not the first time Kelly has been arrested. Kelley has been in and out of jail since 2016 when she was arrested for possession of meth.

Kelley was sentenced to eight years in jail in 2018 at the age of 22 for fleeing a court-mandated drug recovery program and breaking her probation.

She was freed from jail in December 2022. Still, she was arrested again in May 2023 on allegations of breaking a protective order and restraining order, as well as violating parole. Kelley was arrested again at the time and was released in October.

Source: The Daily Beast