Will there be a Third Sequel of Daddy’s Home? Let’s Find Out!

Daddy’s Home‘ films have been the most unlikely of Box Office beasts, totally beyond my comprehension. Yet, the approaching Christmas release dates and holiday marketability of these flicks may contain a solution. In recent years, this season has been completely dominated by either big franchise entries such as superheroes and Star Wars, or mega event films, but despite this, Christmases have historically been known to be profitable for films in particular, and nearly any movie, even if it does not carry the blockbuster tag, that deals with family, togetherness, the Christmas spirit, and the like is bound to be well received by audiences.

Which is why a third ‘Daddy’s Home‘ may possible, given that its audiences were far more responsive to both films in the franchise than their critical rivals, allowing the films to generate about $420 million on a total budget of $150 million. Although star Mark Wahlberg believes he is satisfied with his trilogy of family-friendly Christmas films with director Sean Anders, which includes the two ‘Daddy’s Home’ films and ‘Instant Family,’ the two would surely be on board if a third picture is made. Therefore, while no official confirmation has been made, here is all we know about the threequel happening or not. Continue reading.

What Is the Plot of Daddy’s Home 3?

As for Daddy’s Home 3, I’m not sure if that’s in the works. We were joking that maybe 20 years in the future, when Mark and Will are old men, we might have a grumpy old men reunion when one of the kids gets married or something. Sean Anders, the film’s director, may have said it sarcastically when asked about the possibility of a sequel, but it seems like a pretty feasible narrative to me.

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Although the creators would have to put in a lot of effort to age Ferrell and Wahlberg, there is always the now-popular alternative of digital ageing and de-aging. We’d rather have it than have to wait 20 years. As you might expect, because there has been no official confirmation, we have very little information to go on, except than assumptions from other publications, the actors involved, or the film’s director.

The third picture is meant to continue the tale of the Whitaker family, with the first film having Ferrell’s Brad and Wahlberg’s Dusty competing to prove who is the best father to their family, and the second seeing them both as “co-dads” being joined by their own fathers on Christmas.

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Who May Be in Daddy’s Home 3?

Without a question, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg should be in the third, if and when it comes. This is without a doubt one of those series that would be incomplete without its cast members. In fact, both Sean Anders and Mark Wahlberg, who have become frequent collaborators of sorts, have already declared that if the other two were up for the threequel, they would quickly sign on.

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Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, without a doubt, should be in the third, if and when it arrives. Without a question, this is one of those shows that would be incomplete without its cast members. In fact, both Sean Anders and Mark Wahlberg, who have become regular collaborators, have previously stated that if the other two were interested in the threequel, they would jump at the chance.

Who Might Be Behind the Daddy’s Home 3 Crew?

I can only think of Sean Anders to direct a third installment in the franchise. Anders describes the aesthetic and familial themes of both films as his own, and says he would want to return to the franchise if it continues and his schedule with new projects allows him to.

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Daddy’s Home 3 Release Date- When Can It Premiere?

There has been no word on the project, but if it is picked up by next summer, ‘Daddy’s Home 3’ should be released in December 2021. The crucial word here is hopefully.

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