Where is Alfred Bloodborne? Unravel the Mysteries of Bloodborne Vileblood Hunter

Alfred, the protege of Master Logarius and hunter of vile blood, initially appears friendly, but if you follow his quest line, he becomes one of the most violent NPCs in the game. Underneath Alfred’s smile and “friendliness” is a zealot willing to kill to dismember a woman in order to satisfy his ideologies.

Alfred, a former Executioner Order member, will lead you deep into Cainhurst Castle, one of Bloodborne’s hidden areas. Unlike other NPC questlines in Bloodborne, Alfred has a unique set of requirements to fulfill in order to unlock everything he has to offer. But it’s all worth it for the Radiance Rune, an incredibly useful rune that increases the amount of health you get from Blood Vials.

Martyr Logarius is one of Bloodborne’s most difficult bosses, but he stands directly in the way of completing Alfred’s quest line. Already one of the game’s more complex side quests (and that’s saying a lot), the fact that Bloodborne forces you to fight Martyr Logarius just to complete Alfred’s arc is almost sadistic.

Where is Alfred in Bloodborne?

Bloodborne is a 2015 action role-playing game made by From Software that is both dark and hard. The game takes place in a Gothic world with scary creatures, strange stories, and hidden secrets.

The questline of Alfred, a friendly NPC who used to be in the Executioner Order and was taught by Master Logarius, the hunter of vile blood, is one of the secrets that players can find out.

In the game, you can meet Alfred in two places: the Cathedral Ward and Cainhurst Castle. Follow these steps to finish his quest and get the Radiance Rune, which increases the amount of health you get from Blood Vials.

Find Alfred in Cathedral Ward

Alfred can be found in Cathedral Ward, not too far from Old Yharnam. From the lantern in Oedon Chapel, go down the stairs, but turn left when you get to the Lonely Old Woman. Head down the stairs in front of you until you reach an open area with Hunters.

where is alfred bloodborne

Instead of going into the big building, go to the left and up the stairs next to it. This way, you’ll avoid the enemy ambush. Turn right, open the door, run through the room, and turn right again when you reach the door. Alfred will pray in front of a statue at the bottom of the stairs.

Alfred, who used to be a Hunter himself, will ask you to help him. If you say yes, you’ll get three Fire Papers and learn the Pray Gesture1. If you meet Alfred near the beginning of Bloodstone, there’s not much you can do from here on out. Find the Cainhurst Summons to set off the next big event.

Complete Cainhurst Castle

The Cainhurst Summons are in Iosefka’s Clinic, which you can only get to by taking a shortcut through the Forbidden Woods. The Clinic is connected to a set of ladders in the Forbidden Wood swamps that lead back up to Central Yharnam. The Summons is in one of the first hallways once you get inside the clinic.

Once you have the Summons, you must take them to Hemwick Charnel Lane (but only after you have killed the Witch of Hemwick), where they will call the Cainhurst Coach.

The coach will take you to Cainhurst Castle, a cold and haunted fortress where the bloodthirsty vile-bloods, who are at odds with the Executioners, live. For Alfred’s storyline to move forward, you have to fight your way through the castle until you reach Martyr Logarius, one of Bloodborne’s hardest bosses. On the roof, he is watching the door to the Vileblood Queen’s room.

Martyr Logarius is a strong, aggressive foe who uses both close-range and long-range attacks. He can call up exploding or chasing skulls, make a sword that shoots projectiles or stabs you from below, and do a lot of damage with his scythe or mace. He also goes through two different phases. In the first, he moves around more and uses more magic attacks. In the second, he stays still and uses more physical attacks.

where is alfred bloodborne

You have to be patient and watch out for Martyr Logarius’s attacks if you want to beat him. You can block some of his attacks with your gun and do a lot of damage with visceral attacks. You can also boost your weapon’s damage with Fire Paper or Bolt Paper. If you don’t destroy his sword quickly after he puts it on the ground, it will keep shooting projectiles at you. In his second phase, he will give himself a red aura that makes him immune to parries unless you backstab him while he is charging it up.
After you beat Martyr Logarius, you can pick up the Crown of Illusions that is lying nearby. When used in this spot, it starts a short cutscene that shows the throne room of the Vileblood. The unopened summons letter is on a table to the right of the queen.

Give this message to Alfred near the entrance to the Forbidden Woods in Cathedral Ward so that he can get into Cainhurst. You will get the Wheel Hunter Badge and the Church Bow (Male) Gesture. Alfred will then kill the queen and do what his teacher, Logarius, told him to do.

Find the body of Alfred

After giving Alfred the summons, go back to where you first met him in Cathedral Ward, near the entrance to Old Yharnam. This will finish the quest. You’ll find his body and the Radiance Rune in the same place. Alfred killed himself because he had nothing left to live for after killing the queen.

The Executioners took an oath to be loyal to Logarius, and the Radiance Rune is a sign of that. It gives you 2% more health from Blood Vials, which can help a lot in a game where healing is hard to come by and enemies are dangerous.

This is the end of Alfred’s questline, which is one of Bloodborne’s saddest stories. Alfred was a loyal and friendly hunter who spent his whole life working for a cause that ended up killing him. He couldn’t see the bigger picture of the cosmic horror that plagues Yharnam because he was too focused on the vile blood and hated them so much.

His questline also tells us more about the history and lore of Bloodborne, as well as the fights between the different groups and ideas that shaped the world of the game.

Final Words

Bloodborne’s quest line for Alfred takes players on a perilous and intricate journey. As the story progresses, he reveals a violent and zealous nature, despite his initially friendly appearance. To complete his arc, players must locate him in Cathedral Ward, acquire the Cainhurst Summons, engage in combat within Cainhurst Castle, and defeat the formidable Martyr Logarius.

Alfred ultimately sacrifices himself by killing the Vileblood Queen at the conclusion of the quest. Radiance Rune, which increases the health gained from Blood Vials, is the reward for completing the quest. The tragic tale of Alfred illuminates the conflicts and ideologies within the game’s twisted world.

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