Virginia House Panel Rejects Nearly Complete Ban On Abortion

Richmond, VA: Lawmakers in the Virginia House of Delegates, which is now controlled by Democrats following the November elections, have rejected a bill proposing a near-total abortion ban.

A House subcommittee voted 8-0 on Wednesday night to reject a measure that aimed to restrict abortions, according to the Richmond-Times Dispatch.

Tim Griffin, a freshman Republican from Bedford, faced inquiries regarding the potential impact of his bill on miscarriage care and victims of rape. According to the newspaper, he stated that the bill aimed to safeguard the well-being of unborn children and women.

Democrats on the same panel voted against another bill that aimed to ban abortions based on the sex or race of the fetus, in a party-line vote.

On Thursday, House Democrats revealed their intention to employ an uncommon procedural tactic to schedule a floor vote for another bill related to abortion, proposed by Griffin, for next week. They framed this move as an attempt to ensure that every House member takes a clear stance on the issue.

A committee, led by Democratic House Speaker Don Scott, has decided to bring a measure from Griffin to the floor without a recommendation. This measure aims to impose further restrictions on the already limited circumstances in which public funding can be used for abortion services. According to Griffin’s bill, state funding would be restricted from going to any organization that offers or operates abortion services.

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