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In April 2022 Vijaya Gadde grabbed the attention and came into the spotlight when people were slamming her for deactivating the former president of America’s, Donald Trump Twitter account and censoring the New York Post about Hunter Biden on Twitter. However, this action went against her. Elon Musk purchased Twitter and made a statement saying It is very inappropriate to censor a verified media company and hence people started tweeting against Vijaya.

Vijaya Gadde Biography: Who is Vijaya Gadde?

Vijaya Gadde is an Indian-American Chief Legal Officer and Secretary at Twitter Inc. She serves as the global leader for a legal lead director, policy, general counsel, chief legal officer and trust and security at Twitter.

In 2014, She was named the most powerful woman on Twitter’s executive team by Fortune. Later, she was joined by chief marketing officer Leslie Berland.

Vijaya gadde net worth

Vijaya Gadde Net Worth, Salary, and Lifestyle

No doubt, she is getting well paid from the position that she earned on Twitter. We know, you must be getting curious to know what is the Net worth of Vijaya Gadde.

Vijaya Gadde owns at least 740,987 units of Twitter, Inc stock worth over $36,375,052, and over the last 8 years she sold TWTR stock worth over $28,234,079. Not only this but she makes $7,900,600 as Chief Legal Officer and Secretary at Twitter Inc. The Net Worth of Vijaya Gadde is at least $61.36 as of May 2022.

According to sources, In 2014 she earned $451,00 when she sold 13,346 of her shares at a price of $33.77 per share. Now she holds almost 848,296 shares which would value $26,297,176. 

The Professional Life of Vijaya Before Joining Twitter

Before joining Twitter in 2011, she spent nearly a decade working at the Silicon Valley law firm Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. she was also a senior director and associate general counsel corporate at Juniper Networks.

Gadde joined Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in 2018, for meetings in India. They talked with Dalit activists about their experiences on Twitter right After the meeting, activists carried a sign reading “Break Brahminical Patriarchy” to Dorsey, who he was later photographed holding. The photograph made controversy. critics called it the sentiment discriminatory against Brahmins while others saw it as a fitting response to caste and gender-based oppression in India.

Gadde responded to the social media with an apology on, “I’m very sorry for this. It’s not reflective of our views. We took a private photo with a gift just given to us – we should have been more thoughtful. Twitter strives to be an impartial platform for all. We failed to do that here & we must do better to serve our customers in India.”

Vijaya Gadde Net worth: What about the largest trade she has ever made?

The largest trade she has ever made was on November 9, 2017, when she sold 135,000 units of Twitter Inc stock worth over $2,689,200. In Addition, Vijaya trades about 6,450 units every 22 days since 2013.

Vijaya gadde net worth

Vijaya Gadde: Let’s talk about Insiders trading at Twitter Inc

The most active insider traders are Evan Clark Williams, Jack Dorsey, and V (Gp), L.L.C.Silver Lake G. Over the past 8 years, Twitter Inc. insiders have traded more than $1,551,538,449 in Twitter Inc. stock and purchased 3,736,715 units worth $121,447,287. Recently, a stock trade Was executed by Ned D. Segal on April 12, 2022, currently trading 5,000 units of TWTR stock worth $235,700.

Vijaya Gadde: Twitter Inc executives and stock owners

They are listed below

  • Vijaya Gadde: Chief Legal Officer and Secretary
  • Michael Montano: Engineering lead
  • Matthew Derella: Customer Lead
  • Ned Segal: Chief Financial Officer
  • Vijaya Gadde: Chief Legal Officer, Head of Legal, Policy and Trust & Sec.
  • Ned D. Segal: Chief Financial Officer
  • Patrick Pichette: Independent Chairman of the Board
  • David Rosenblatt: Independent Director
  • Martha Lane Fox: Independent Director
  • Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala: Independent Director
  • Bret Taylor:: Independent Director
  • Robert Zoellick: Independent Director
  • Jack Dorsey: Co-Founder & Director
  • Jack Dorsey: Chief Executive Officer, Director
  • Fei-Fei Li: Independent Director
  • Egon Durban: Independent Director
  • Jesse Cohn: Independent Director
  • Leslie Berland: Chief Marketing Officer
  • Krista B. Bessinger: Sr. Director of Investor Relations
  • Rinki Sethi: Chief Information Security Officer
  • Robert Kaiden: Chief Accounting Officer
  • Lindsey Iannucci: Chief of Staff & VP of Operations
  • Noah Herbert Glass: Co-Founder
  • Parag Agrawal: CEO, CTO & Director
  • Peter Chernin: Director
  • Robert Kaiden: Chief Accounting Officer
  • Marjorie Scardino: Director
  • Debra L Lee: Director
  • Evan Clark Williams: Director
  • Adam Messinger: Chief Technology Officer
  • Omid Kordestani: Director
  • Hugh F Johnston: Director
  • Anthony Noto Chief Financial Officer 
  • Kevin Weil: Vice President of Product
  • Adam Bain: President of Global Revenue
  • Gordon S Lee: Chief Accounting Officer
  • Alexander Roetter: VP, Engineering
  • Peter H Fenton: Director
  • Richard Costolo: Chief Executive Officer
  • Mike Gupta: Chief Financial Officer
  • Ali Rowghani: Chief Operating Officer
  • Parag Agrawal: Chief Executive Officer
  • Nick V. Caldwell: General Manager of Core Tech
  • Sarah Personette: Chief Customer Officer
  • Bruce Falck: General Manager of Revenue
  • Kayvon Beykpour: General Manager of Consumer

Vijaya gadde net worth

Vijaya Gadde: How old is Vijaya Gadde?

Legal Officer and Secretary of Twitter Inc, Vijaya Gadde is 48.

Vijaya Gadde Early life: Born, Study & Migration to America

Vijaya Gadde is an Indian-American, she was born in India and moved to Beaumont, Texas with her family she was only three years old then. She has done her graduation in industrial and labor relations from m Cornell university in the year 1997. She also has a law degree from New York in 2000.

Vijaya Gadde Personal life: Husband & Children

It seems like Vijaya Gadde is a little privacy when it comes to her personal life, and this is why there is not very much detail about her personal life.

In Addition, Vijaya is a married and a mother of two.

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