Vandals Put up Ukrainian Flag and made Nazi Symbol in Mill Valley, California

Mill Valley, CA: Mill Valley police are conducting an investigation into a vandalism incident that involved a hate sign that was spray-painted on a Ukrainian flag. The incident is being investigated as a hate crime.

An incident of vandalism was reported to have occurred in the 100 block of Molino Avenue around 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, and the Mill Valley Police Department rushed to the scene.

Police officers were notified by witnesses that someone had used an aerosol paint can to spray black swastikas on Ukrainian flags that were located on private property.

This information was provided to the cops by witnesses. Police officials who were conducting the investigation made contact with the victims and confirmed that the flag was vandalized sometime overnight on Friday by an unknown offender or suspects.

An additional victim had been targeted in the vicinity of Molino Avenue and Wildomar Street, according to the findings of the inquiry that was conducted. Additionally, according to the police, another Ukrainian flag had been destroyed in the same manner during that incident. It was during the same time period that the vandalism took place.

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The officers searched the neighborhood for people who might have witnessed the crimes and residences that had camera systems that might have captured the footage. The police have stated that they have not yet identified any suspects.

Investigators with the Mill Valley Police Department are looking into the event as a possible hate crime and are requesting that residents review their video systems for any film that might be useful to the inquiry.

The Mill Valley Police Department is requesting that anyone who may have information regarding either of these instances feel free to get in touch with them.