What are HYBE’s Statement on V and Jennie’s Dating, and How Have Fans Reacted to It?

In pop culture, where fans want to know everything about their favorite artists, there is a fine line between their private lives and the public’s interest in them. This article talks about the recent rumors that BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie were dating.

It also talks about how their respective management companies, HYBE and YG Entertainment, responded to the rumors. Even though it’s important to give artists their space, it’s also important to look at how these accusations affect their careers and the entertainment business as a whole.

HYBE Statement on V and Jennie’s Dating

On May 18, 2023, Jennie of BLACKPINK and V of BTS were the subjects of brand-new dating rumors. According to reports, the two were seen out and about in Paris’s streets late at night.

V and Jennie Dating

Although there was no concrete evidence, based on their posture and body language, fans came to the conclusion that the people strolling were V and Jennie.

Social media users are already going crazy over V from BTS and Jennie from BLACKPINK’s purported recent sightings. The validity of their purported date photos is being discussed, shared, and commented on by fans.

Recent developments include similar responses from HYBE and YG Entertainment to the Korean media outlet Sports Seoul. They claimed to know little about the two idols’ personal lives and to have no influence or control over them. They claimed: Because it’s an artist’s private life, we don’t know.

V and Jennie Dating

Fans Are Frustrated by V and Jennie’s Agents’ Non-committal Responses

On May 18, 2023, fuzzy pictures and videos of a couple that people said were Jennie and V walking around Paris were all over Twitter. The pictures showed two people going around Paris while holding hands. Most fans aren’t sure if the news is true, but this isn’t the first time that the two K-pop stars have been tied.

Fans on both sides are annoyed that Big Hit Music and YG Entertainment haven’t said much about the K-pop idol dating rumors. Armys and Blinks agree that a more thorough and refined statement will be more helpful.

They say that this will not only clear things up for the media and fans but also protect the stars from having their personal lives closely watched by the public.

V and Jennie Dating

Fans keep reminding each other that this isn’t the first time YG Entertainment has given an answer like this. YG Entertainment had a similar answer when there were reports that Rosé from BLACKPINK was dating veteran actor Kang Dong-won. They said it was hard to confirm because it was about the artist’s personal life.

But when people kept saying that the two were dating, the firm put out a new statement denying the rumors. They made the comment to stop the constant attention from the media and fans on BLACKPINK’s rosé.

On the other hand, BTS’s manager, Hybe, spoke out about the rumors about V and Jennie for the first time since the rumors started in 2022. But judging by how fans reacted, this wasn’t enough for them. Some people said that artists’ companies should do more to protect their privacy and make a stronger statement.


In conclusion, Fans are upset with HYBE’s reaction to the rumors that V and Jennie are dating. Even though the agencies say they don’t know much about their artists’ personal lives, fans want more concrete answers to stop the rumors.

Fans think that stronger steps should be taken to protect the artists’ privacy and give them clarity so that they don’t have to deal with extra attention and can stay healthy.