V And Jennie Dating Rumors Started After He Followed Her On Ig

V dating rumor

The popular Korean Boyband BTS has recently gone for the holidays. It was their second time doing so after such a huge and hectic year. While the ARMYs are happy with their break since their idols have done such a great job and obviously needed a break, the Instagram account came like a thunderstorm. Soon after they got into Instagram, millions of people have explored and followed their favorite boys. With record-breaking followers and likes, we know that one of the singers V has been stuck in a situation. 

Kim Taehyung, who is known by his stage name as “V”, has recently found himself stuck in a situation. Last week the group got into Instagram and they all have followed the 7 people only. These 7 people include six of their band members and one of their companies, Bighit Entertainment. 


While Instagram is new for them and they have been exploring these apps recently, the BTS member V has followed Blackpink’s Jennie. Since both groups are famous not only in Korea but also in other parts of the world. 

To someone who just admired them and not in the music and Korean culture for long would think of this situation as common. Although V unfollowed Jennie shortly after realizing, the fans have already attended the screenshot and started to bash it around the internet. 

If you are into K-pop then you will know how this is such a huge deal for some fans. And in the case of BTS, these fans are more than enough. Soo after this situation, Twitter is filled with Dating rumors. 

Kim Taehyung’s Respond To This Situation

As soon as V realized that he had accidentally followed Jennie, he unfollowed her as soon as possible. But the fans have already seen this and it is obvious that there will be talking about it. 

Kim Taehyung landed on his old Weverse and asked the fans a question or you can think of it more like a response to the situation. The singer wrote 

 “Is there a way to get rid of the ‘recommended’ friends list here on this Insta thing?…. It’s a scary app.”

It seems like V has accidentally clicked on the follow button and since this is pretty normal and we have faced these issues too, I think it should be a  big deal. The response made the fans satisfied that there ain’t anything. 

V Dating rumor

But shipping has already started on Twitter and Instagram. Some fans started shipping things and tweeting how these two have such similar things. 

The response had already surfaced but it was unreadable for some people and that’s the reason why there was so much chaos. To be honest, it isn’t a new thing for these people. There was already shipping around these celebrities. 

How Fans Reacted to this “Following” thing?

V And jennie

After the whole thing started and ended with a tweet, the fans were convinced that it was an accident. But since the fandom is so huge and nothing goes as smoothly as it seems, many people took the time and wrote things. 

Definitely, there were different kinds of people on the Internet. First of all, while many people don’t know the whole Following thing, some took the screenshot and posted things on Twitter. Last night both Kim Taehyung and Kim Jennie were trending on Twitter. 

Some fans started to ship and make things like the same hoodie and the same band as a way to make it obvious that they are in a relationship.

Things didn’t stop here and the people started to bash around Jennie. Her Instagram feeds were filled with hate comments. Although the celebrity hasn’t done anything, the comments were everywhere on the internet.

Similarly, the same thing goes for V too but he, along with every other member has turned off Instagram so it was pretty obvious that they ain’t seeing things.