Unlicensed Marijuana Over Worth $800K Confiscated After Raid In Fresno

Fresno, California: A search of a Fresno garden supply store on Wednesday morning resulted in the seizure of almost 500 pounds of illegal cannabis.

The California Department of Cannabis Control served a search warrant on Gro More Garden Supply, located on Clovis Avenue, just north of Clinton Avenue. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife as well as the Fresno Police Department are among the several law enforcement organizations present at the scene.

The structure had a rear warehouse and several suites. Officers removed marijuana-filled bags and cartons from the warehouse. The California Department of Cannabis Control has confiscated the unlicensed marijuana.

During the search warrant operation, 526 pounds of illegal cannabis totaling an estimated $868,725 in value were found. It is not clear what charges the warehouse will face.

The authorities have not revealed the suspects in this matter and other additional details. The authorities have opened an investigation into the matter.