Top 7 Things You Need to Know to Visit the Swinging Bridge in Pawhuska

Nestled in the heart of Oklahoma, the Pawhuska Swinging Bridge is a hidden gem that offers visitors a blend of history, adventure, and stunning views. As you plan your visit to this unique structure, here are seven essential aspects you need to know.

1. Historical Significance

Constructed in 1926, the Pawhuska Swinging Bridge has served as a crucial connector over Bird Creek, especially during high waters, and was the only access point to the town for many years​​​​. Its role in the town’s history is irreplaceable, making it a special piece of Pawhuska’s heritage​​.

2. Architectural Design

The bridge’s design is a classic example of a suspension bridge, characterized by its swinging motion. Despite renovations in the 1970s, it retains its original swing and bounce, contributing to its unique experience​​​​.

3. Location and Accessibility

Located at the intersection of Kihekah Avenue and E. Second Street, the bridge is not immediately visible to visitors in Pawhuska. Its exact location is marked on Google Maps, and the address for the nearby First Baptist South Church can serve as a reference point​​.

4. Operation Hours and Duration

Open 24 hours a day, the bridge offers a quick yet memorable visit, typically around 20 minutes. However, visiting during the day is recommended due to its swing and location above the creek​​.

5. Cost of Visit

Visiting the Swinging Bridge is entirely free. It remains a functional pedestrian walkway and an important local landmark​​.

6. Personal Experience

Crossing the bridge can be a thrilling yet intimidating experience due to its swing and height. Despite this, it is completely safe, with high sides ensuring visitors’ safety​​​​. The view from the bridge, especially over Bird Creek, is a highlight for many​​.

7. Photography Opportunities

The bridge provides various photographic opportunities, from its structure to the surrounding natural beauty. Visitors are encouraged to capture different angles and sections of the bridge for a comprehensive visual memory of their visit​​.


The Swinging Bridge in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, is more than just a bridge; it’s a piece of history, an architectural marvel, and a source of adventure and beauty. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, a visit to this bridge promises to be a unique and enriching experience. Remember to respect its historical significance and enjoy the distinct character that has made it a beloved landmark for almost a century.