Top 10 Instagrammable Places in Guthrie: Best Places to Take Pictures

Guthrie, Oklahoma, a city brimming with historical allure and picturesque sites, offers a treasure trove of Instagram-worthy locations. This guide takes you on a visual and historical tour of Guthrie’s most captivating spots, ideal for photography enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

1. The Pollard Theater

A vintage gem, the Pollard Theater is a historical landmark with a stunning exterior, perfect for outdoor photoshoots. Its vintage charm reflects the era of classic theaters, offering a unique backdrop for artistic photography​​.

2. State Capital Publishing Museum

The State Capital Publishing Museum, housed in a building listed on the National Register of Historic Places, stands as a testament to Oklahoma’s rich history. Built in 1902 with a distinctive Russian onion dome, it represents a pivotal moment in state history, where President Teddy Roosevelt announced Oklahoma’s statehood​​.

3. The Coca-Cola Mural

Evoking nostalgia, the Coca-Cola mural on a 1904 building is a throwback to the early 20th century. Added in the 1980s during a renovation, it proclaims “Coca-Cola relieves fatigue,” offering a classic American backdrop​​.

4. Guthrie Scottish Rite Building

The Guthrie Scottish Rite Building, one of the world’s largest Scottish Rite temples, provides an ideal setting for classical or ancient-themed photoshoots. Its grand architecture and interior tours add to its allure​​.

5. The Gray Brothers Building

Built in the early 1890s, the Gray Brothers Building stands as one of Oklahoma’s finest commercial buildings from the territorial period. Its silver dome and detailed entrance make it an iconic photography site​​.

6. Stables Cafe

The Stables Cafe, a quirky and fun restaurant, is adorned with whimsical memorabilia. Its unique décor makes it a great spot for capturing fun and lively images​​.

7. Lintz Department Store

The Lintz Department Store showcases a gorgeous 1920s facade, differing from other downtown buildings. Its Jazz Age touches and Black Carrera Glass contribute to its photographic appeal​​.

8. Architectural Details Around Town

Guthrie is adorned with intricate architectural details, like lamps stamped with historical names. A walk around town promises discovery of numerous photogenic details​​.

9. SH 33 Historic Bridge

The arcade under the SH 33 Bridge, with its historic aura, is a beautiful spot for artistic and historic-themed photoshoots​​.

10. Vintage Cars

Guthrie’s streets are home to vintage cars, both operational and in disrepair, offering a unique, vintage-inspired backdrop beyond its architecture​​.

11. Guthrie’s Backroads

Exploring the backroads of Guthrie reveals authentic, timeworn buildings, adding a rustic charm to your photographic journey​​.

12. Old Santa Fe Depot

The Old Santa Fe Depot, a former train station, is filled with interesting details and provides an opportunity to capture train-themed photos​​.

13. Guthrie’s Victorian Houses

Guthrie houses numerous Victorian-era homes, varying from renovated to timeworn. These homes offer a glimpse into the city’s historical residential architecture​​.

14. The Adler Building

Constructed in 1893, The Adler Building features a “crowned parapet with ornate pressed metal cornice brackets” and a stone panel reading “Adler.” Its facade is among Guthrie’s most charming historic buildings​​.

In conclusion,

Guthrie, Oklahoma, is a photographer’s delight, boasting a variety of historic and visually appealing sites. Each location tells a story, reflecting the city’s rich heritage and providing countless opportunities for capturing timeless moments. Whether you are a history enthusiast or a photography lover, Guthrie’s picturesque landscapes and architectural wonders are sure to captivate and inspire.