This Is New York’s Deadliest Animal

An apex predator comes to mind when you think of a lethal animal. a creature with powerful teeth or claws that can take down larger prey, as well as sheer strength.

Nonetheless, the deadliest animal in New York State is most likely one that you feed to yourself. This animal may have crossed your property, or it may be an animal you have named and taken in as a backyard companion.

On my way to work this morning, I happened to spot two of the deadliest animals in New York.

The most hazardous animal in New York State is the subject of one of the most watched children’s films ever, per a recent analysis by

Bambi is the White-Tailed Deer.

Indeed, the reason the White Tail Deer is the most hazardous animal in New York is not that it will attack or stalk you, but rather that they move and cross busy roads so frequently.

Accidents between deer and cars occur frequently in New York State, and occasionally they can be fatal for both the motorist and the deer.

As per the New York State Department of Transportation, the annual number of accidents between deer and vehicles ranges from 50,000 to 60,000.

Every day, for two hours before sunrise and after dusk, there is the highest chance of deer collisions with cars. Furthermore, October through December is when the majority of car incidents involving deer occur in New York State.

Here are a few tips to help you prevent running over a deer in your car.

  • Drive cautiously at dawn or dark, keeping an eye out for oncoming highways and roadsides;
  • At night, slow down and, if you can, use high beams.
    When approaching deer near the roadside, go cautiously as they might suddenly dart over the path;
  • Since deer frequently travel in pairs or groups, you should slow down and be on the lookout for any that may be following if you see one crossing the road;
  • When you see deer or moose in or near the highway, briefly alert oncoming cars using flashers or a headlight signal.