There is a Florida Amber Alert for an 8-year-old child! What we understand and how you can assist

The Amber Alert issued for 8-year-old Alessia Muhaj from Clearwater, Florida, has been resolved with the child found safe. This alert was issued after concerns arose regarding her disappearance, believed to be in the company of her father, Renato Muhaj.

The situation began in the early hours of Monday when Clearwater police were called to a domestic battery case at Oakbrook Village Apartments.

It was reported that Renato Muhaj had assaulted both of his parents and prevented them from calling 911 by taking away their cellphones. The parents received treatment at Morton Plant Hospital following the incident.

During the subsequent investigation, the Largo Police Department discovered signs of a crime at an apartment complex in Clearwater, which was listed as Renato Muhaj’s address.

Upon entering the apartment, officers found the body of Alessia’s mother, Suela Saliaj, leading to Renato Muhaj being charged with first-degree murder, in addition to kidnapping and child abuse.

The Amber Alert for Alessia was issued around 7 a.m., and by 8:30 a.m., police located Alessia and Renato Muhaj in a vehicle on the 1600 block of St. Paul’s Drive in Clearwater. Alessia was found unharmed, and Renato was taken into custody.

Following this ordeal, Alessia is now with family members, and the community is relieved at her safe recovery. However, the tragic circumstances of her mother’s death have left a deep impact. Renato Muhaj also faces charges related to the battery against his parents, including aggravated assault and tampering with a witness.

This incident highlights the importance of prompt action and community vigilance in response to Amber Alerts, which in this case, contributed to the safe recovery of a young child and the apprehension of a suspect in a serious crime.