The love life of Twitch streamers: Ranboo and Aimsey are dating ?

As you all know that there has been ongoing a love story of two personalities who have a very good name in the industry and have achieved a lot in that field but nowadays the ongoing love story has been flourishing in regards to both of their relationship.

Here is a very brief and detailed report of both of them telling all a few about the actual status of their relationship or this is just a rumor, everything has been in detail for all of you to be confirmed on this.

Ranboo About

Ranboo Is an American YouTuber and also he’s a twitch streamer. The most interesting part of his personality is that he is known for his gaming videos which also involves Minecraft and also includes collaborations with other gamers.

Collaboration is one thing which he does to a very good level and that is the reason he is a member of the Minecraft server dream SMP. Do you all know that on YouTube, Ranboo has around views which are almost 45,000,000. His videos are so worth that it attracts fans and attract views up to 45,000,000. And, talking about the subscribers on his YouTube channel then he has 3 million YouTube subscribers.

Aimsey About

Aimee has a birthday date Or we can say she was born on 11th December in the year 2001 so as of now she’s 20 years old. And she is better known as Aimsey online. And she is a very well-known and Worth a YouTuber and also she is a twitch streamer and moreover taking her into the influencing platform then she’s best known as tik-tok girl.

She is very well known for her Minecraft streams and collaborations also. Yes, she is known for her collaborations because they are too good. She is also a member of BearSMP Minecraft server. And, adding up to Tubbo and Billzo.

These are the two with whom Aimee mostly collaborates And with whom she love to collaborate with. You all will be aware that she has been the first one to rise to fame on tick-tock and taking over 3 million followers on her tik-tok fan page.

Ranboo And Aimsey Dating ?

The most trending title and name which is given to the youngsters of the industry is the title of the commitment or the title of the relationship. Nowadays it has been A big trend to misinterpret things very easily and give it a name by themselves and confuse the fans and the followers of the youngsters or the personalities.

The confirmed update is the both are not at dating Each other, they are just mates and that is of sharing their collaborations with each other and getting unit in a lot of collaborations. We just have a work friendship not a proper one and not a dating.

Who are Ranboo and Aimsey?

In reality they both are not at all Dating! It is just a rumours of their commitment and dating relationship. There has been a rumours which has been spread which is about their both of their friendship as stated by someone. She also states that she can never get a friendship like which they both have and which comfort she gets with him.


So in last there has been many questions which are asked my parents that they both are siblings of what also fans have been asking about their dating status and also asking what status the adapt in the real life.

Moreover they are both hard twitch streamers so they both share collaborations and also share a lot of Collab’s on certain social media apps but that doesn’t mean that they both are in a relationship.

A lot of rumours have been spreading regarding both of them. Everything has been cleared in the report above regarding both of them.

NAME AGE Relationship Status Real Name/Full Name
Ranboo Jonathan Schlatt 18 years old NOT dating anyone Jonathan Schlatt
Aimsey 20 years old Single Aimee

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