The History’s 5 Longest Sniper Kills

The art of sniping requires extraordinary skill, patience, and precision. Snipers have been pivotal in various military conflicts, often changing the course of battles with their sharpshooting abilities. Some of these marksmen have achieved legendary status, particularly those who have recorded the longest kills in history.

The Top Sniper Kills

1. Canadian Army Sniper (Joint Task Force 2), 2017

  • Distance: 3,450 meters (3,772 yards)
  • Location: Iraq
  • Weapon: McMillan Tac-50
  • Details: In May 2017, an unnamed Canadian sniper from Joint Task Force 2 achieved the longest confirmed sniper kill in history by eliminating an ISIS combatant in Iraq. The shot, taken from over 3,540 meters away, disrupted an ISIS ambush on Iraqi police. This remarkable feat required accounting for numerous factors, including gravity, wind speed, and the Coriolis effect.

2. Australian Defense Force Sniper, 2012

  • Distance: 2,815 meters (3,078 yards)
  • Location: Afghanistan
  • Weapon: Barrett M82A1
  • Details: In April 2012, during the War in Afghanistan, an unnamed Australian sniper of the SOCOMD in the Australian Defense Force made a record-breaking shot from 2,815 meters away. The sniper, along with a fellow commando, simultaneously fired at a Taliban commander. It remains unclear whose round was the fatal shot.

3. Ukrainian Armed Forces Sniper, 2022

  • Distance: 2,710 meters (2,963 yards)
  • Location: Ukraine
  • Weapon: XADOSnipex Alligator
  • Details: During Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in November 2022, an unnamed Ukrainian sniper achieved a long-distance kill from 2,710 meters away. Despite some skepticism about the accuracy of this shot, it is considered one of the longest sniper kills in history.

4. British Sniper (Corporal of Horse) Craig Harrison, 2009

  • Distance: 2,475 meters (2,706 yards)
  • Location: Afghanistan
  • Weapon: Accuracy International L115A3
  • Details: In November 2009, Craig Harrison, a Corporal of Horse in the British Army, made two consecutive shots at a Taliban machine gun team in Afghanistan from 2,475 meters away, using the L115A3 rifle.

5. Canadian Sniper (Corporal) Rob Furlong, 2002

  • Distance: 2,430 meters (2,657 yards)
  • Location: Afghanistan
  • Weapon: McMillan Tac-50
  • Details: In March 2002, Corporal Rob Furlong, serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, held the record for the longest sniper kill for several years. He achieved this during the War in Afghanistan by hitting a Taliban fighter from 2,430 meters away.


These record-breaking shots are a testament to the incredible skill and precision of military snipers. Their ability to accurately hit targets from extraordinary distances under challenging conditions is a remarkable aspect of modern warfare. The evolution of sniper technology and training continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in sharpshooting.