The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Release Date and Fans must know an important update About the series

These series run around the nation Gilead where women are assigned different tasks according to their wealth and fertility.

What’s in store in Season 4 of Handmaid’s Tale for the fans?

The season finale ends with successfully transporting 50 children to Gilead. The Handmaid was shot and left disabled. 

Then got trapped herself in Gilead in the process. But being the main lead of the series, we can surely expect her to come back in the next season in great shape.

The Showrunner Bruce Miller said that the fans are going to watch more of the Canadian side in the upcoming season.

In this season we can see the realization of Luke and Moira that the plan of children escape was planned, framed and executed by June.

There’s also a nail in the coffin regarding the Waterfords, who are expected to go court in Canada to be held accountable under the Gilead law system of Acts.

In this season we can expect Nick to get more limelight.

Will Season four of Handmaid’s Tale Release

The makers made it clear that there is a definite Season 4. Due to immense positive response and good critics, the makers have said that they can make as many as seasons they can.

As the basic plot itself is being infinite at least with such fan following they can take a minimum of 10 seasons of such.

So for the fans, Hulu has stated clearly that there are no worries but the end because it is too far to even imagine. 

The chief editor Wendy Hallam-Martin has stated that before March of 2020 the fans cannot expect the good news of Season four. But waiting for long will be fruitful.

About Season 4?

The first two seasons were splendidly loved by the fans as they were the original adaptations from the novel written by Margaret Atwood. 

They were the novels of 1984 and 1985. Then for the third season, it is a very job for the makers to do a new one.

But thanks to Margaret Atwood to make a sequel to this novel after a very long 30-year long years. With the novel ready, fans are excited to know that even season 4 is in cards. 

But everyone must-watch season 3 to get enthralled with all new freshness added to this wonderful series. 

So season 4 is expected in the later phase of 2020, like in November or December.