The Cutest Service Station in Florida Offers Homemade Pie and Barbeque

Pearl Country Store: A Hidden Gem in Micanopy, Florida

In the midst of Florida’s thriving cities and popular tourist destinations lies a unique and unexpected treasure: Pearl Country Store in Micanopy. This quaint establishment, more than just a gas station, offers a delightful blend of homemade pies, exceptional barbecue, and a dose of old Florida charm.

The Transformation of a Convenience Store

Owned by David and Peggy Carr, Pearl Country Store is a testament to their vision of preserving Florida’s heritage while providing a unique dining experience. The couple transformed a regular U.S. 441 convenience store into a local hotspot, offering tantalizing barbecue and other foods at affordable prices​​.

The store, named after a previous owner, still retains the feel of a convenience store with items like Gatorade, beer, chips, and Lotto tickets, but it also offers an eclectic mix of items like fine wine, specialty breads, and a section dedicated to Florida heritage​​.

The Culinary Delight: Barbecue and Homemade Pie

Pearl Country Store has earned a reputation for its delectable country breakfasts, platters of barbecue, and large slices of homemade pie​​. The restaurant is particularly famous for its barbecue ribs, chicken, and other meats, which are slow-smoked and tenderly sliced, offering a true taste of Old Florida barbecue​​.

In addition to the barbecue, the menu features a variety of homemade sides like fried okra, beans, collard greens, burgers, and fries​​. Not to be missed is their rotating selection of homemade pies, a highlight that completes the dining experience​​.

A Community Hub and Tourist Attraction

The restaurant has become a beloved gathering place for locals and a delightful find for travelers. It offers indoor dining where guests can enjoy their meal at the counter or choose to take it outside to relish under shaded trees​​​​. It’s not uncommon to find city commissioners, local employees, and even tourists who have traveled specifically for the food, all mingling in this charming establishment​​.

Diverse Reviews Reflecting Individual Experiences

Tripadvisor reviews for Pearl Country Store show a mix of experiences. While most reviews praise the quality of the barbecue and the generous portion sizes​​​​​​, there are varied opinions on the sides and sauces, with some finding them overly sweet or salty​​.

Instances of less-than-ideal customer service have also been noted​​​​. However, many patrons highlight the unique experience of enjoying high-quality, scratch-made food in a gas station setting, emphasizing the authenticity and unexpected delight of the place​​​​​​.

A Reflection of Florida’s Heritage and Local Community

The story of Pearl Country Store is deeply intertwined with the local history and culture of Florida. David Carr, son of noted conservationists Archie and Marjorie Carr, and his wife Peggy, an associate professor of landscape architecture, aimed to create a space that resonated with the old Florida heritage​​.

The store not only serves as a culinary destination but also as a symbol of community spirit and local pride​​.

In conclusion,

Pearl Country Store in Micanopy, Florida, stands out as a unique culinary and cultural landmark. Offering more than just fuel for the road, it provides a rich taste of local flavors and a glimpse into the heart of Florida’s community and heritage. Whether you’re a local or a traveler, a visit to this charming country store and barbecue joint is sure to be a memorable experience.