Teacher and Coach Arrested after Students Reported Molestation Incidents In and Out of State Matches

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office says that a teacher and football and track and field coach at Lithia Springs High School has been arrested for possible sexual misbehavior.

A press release says that the sheriff’s office learned about the problem on May 27. Someone who asked not to be named said that Kerry Hood, a teacher and track and field coach at the high school, s*xually attacked them when they were a student there.

The victim told the sheriff’s office that the crimes happened at school and in other places, even in other states.

On the Lithia Springs Lions website, Hood is named as the girls’ track teacher. Hood was also named as the offensive coach for the school’s football team in a social media post.

It was proven that Hood should be arrested, and he turned himself in on May 29.

Sheriff Tim was impressed with how quickly his detectives arrived. He said that work on the case has been going on since the first report of the event.

One former football player for Hood said he still doesn’t get how his old coach could be accused of sexually attacking a student.

“It shocks you at the time,” Voncie Evans said. “At first, it hits you. “It seems impossible that this is real.”

Labresha Gray, the parent of a girl in the tenth grade, said the claims were very scary.

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