Who is Suni Lee’s Boyfriend? Read Everything to Know About Him!

In this article Let’s Find Out Suni Lee’s Boyfriend’s Age, Girlfriend, Parents, Ethnicity, Profession, and more!

Suni Lee is an American gymnast who earned a medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Sunisa Lee followers are now looking for information on Jaylin Smith.

Who is Jaylin Smith?

Jaylin Smith is a football player for the USC Trojans. They shared images of each other on social media on Christmas Eve, December 25, 2020.
He is an American footballer who will compete in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. He is an American football player for the USC Trojans. He is attending the University of Southern California for his undergraduate studies.

 Suni Lee's Boyfriend

The 18-year-old is presently dating USC footballer Jaylin Smith, who plays for the Trojans. He is presently attending the University of Southern California and has even represented the United States in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
The lovely pair made their romance public with an Instagram post including photographs of them hugging each other in identical sweatshirts. Lee and Smith have frequently been sighted together in public locations, and the couple is open about their feelings for one another.

Sunisa Lee-Jaylin Smith Connection Controversy-

Immediately after the two sportsmen made their relationship public, they began getting hate letters in addition to numerous sympathetic and supportive comments. A particular group of people targeted Lee and Smith on social media because of their inter-racial romance.

 Suni Lee's Boyfriend

The juvenile gymnast had previously alleged that a car passed them at high speed, saying slogans such as “ching chong” and “go back to where they came from,” and that someone even pepper-sprayed the athlete’s elbow. Because of the online and physical violence, she was forced to shut the comments area on her Instagram account.

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What Sunisa Lee Speaks Up About Her Connection With Jaylin Smith?

Sunisa Lee, the gold medalist from the Tokyo Olympics, has often spoken out against racist comments regarding her relationship with Jaylin Smith that she has received on social media. Lee made her relationship public with a TikTok video and an Instagram photo with the American football linebacker in identical sweatshirts on December 26.
Smith had uploaded identical images of himself and Lee the day before, along with other encouraging words. But, not everyone in the comments section agreed, as the pair faced condemnation for their interracial love.

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How Long Have Suni Lee and Jaylin Smith Been Together?

Suni Lee shared a couple photos of herself and Jaylin Smith on Instagram on December 26, 2021. Suni and Jaylin made their romance public on social media.

 Suni Lee's Boyfriend

Prior to their celebrity, neither of their relationship histories had been made public. Suni Lee finished sixth in season 30 of Dancing With the Stars, so their relationship comes as no surprise.

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