Student Molested by Man in University Dorm; Man Arrested by Authorities in California

A suspect has been apprehended following a reported sexual assault incident that occurred on the campus of UCLA in the early hours of Friday.

According to sources familiar with the investigation, the individual in custody is believed to be a transient.

Security measures were heightened on UCLA’s campus Friday night, as patrol cars were stationed outside of the dorms.

Students were deeply disturbed by the incident where an intruder entered a dorm room during the night and sexually assaulted a girl.

As per a recent UCLA crime alert, an individual unlawfully entered a student’s dorm room in the early hours of the morning and committed a sexual assault. Authorities have identified the suspect as Jeffrey Brewer, a 41-year-old individual. Brewer is currently facing multiple charges, including burglary, forcible sexual penetration, false imprisonment, and assault with intent to commit a felony.

Authorities are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the man’s entry into the premises. According to students, it is common practice to leave windows open at night due to the absence of air conditioning in the dormitories as reported by NBC Los Angeles.

Students are being urged by campus police to stay vigilant, ensuring that doors and windows are securely locked, and to promptly report any unusual or suspicious behavior.

Many high school and international students are currently staying there for summer programs. Surprisingly, some of them claimed to be unaware of the assault and never received any alert regarding the incident.