Son Arrested by Authorities after Son Allegedly Took His Mother’s Life in Ohio

A tragic incident occurred in a New Albany residence last week, where a man allegedly took the life of his own mother.

Floyd County Prosecutor Chris Lane and New Albany Police Chief Todd Bailey recently held a news briefing to discuss the charges filed against Maxwell Allen Samourian.

A 23-year-old individual has been identified as a suspect in a case involving a potential homicide that occurred on June 19. Tragically, his mother, Sally Samourian, was discovered deceased in a residence located in the 3400 block of Greenview Drive, situated in a neighborhood off Green Valley Road.

Sally Samourian was discovered in her bedroom, according to officials. Maxwell, her son, was discovered in the garage.

“In addition, her son, Maxwell Samourian, 23, was found at the location as well.” According to Bailey, officers acted swiftly to secure the scene and detain Maxwell, preventing him from leaving before the investigation could take place.

“It’s disheartening to witness the current state of affairs,” expressed Marvin Loi, a resident of the neighborhood. “I have traditional values.” I have a strong attachment to previous times. We had rules.

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Bailey mentioned that the details of the case were handed over to Lane, resulting in a warrant being issued for Maxwell’s arrest.

Lane also praised the detectives involved in the case for their dedication, as they worked tirelessly throughout the night to ensure the accuracy of the information as reported by WDRB News.

“There is a limited timeframe for investigation,” Lane stated. “And they actively pursue the collection of evidence.” I am incredibly impressed with their response to this situation.

Lane announced that Maxwell is now facing a murder charge. He is currently being held at Louisville Metro Corrections and will be transferred to Floyd County at a later date.

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