Sex Education: Emma Mackey (Maeve) and Dan Whitlan are no longer together!: Maeve and Dan Whitlan are no longer together!

Did Emma Mackey and Dan Whitlam break up?

Needless to say, Sex Education was a big hit this year. It reached out to every teenager who has had issues regarding this social taboo, ” Sex”.

In a very short period, it received immense support and love from its fans, especially the teenagers going through similar problems as depicted in the series.

Moreover, the on-screen romance/ chemistry shared by Maeve and Otis got that audience’s hoped up! Maeve and Otis shared a rather sweet relationship and it left the fans in absolute “awww!’.

However as much as we wanted to see these two on-screen couples share something in real life, our beloved bitting wit Maeve, Emma Mackey found someone else for her! That’s right, rumor has it that Emma Mackey has been dating Dan Whitlam.

This rumor was confirmed when the two began sharing a picture of each other via their Instagrams. Dan is an actor himself and had pursued his passion from that Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Ever since the two were spotted in public fans have been going crazy seeing that two together and ship that couple. Standing at a 6ft 4 inches, he had red hair and an impressive figure. Playing the saxophone and Piano are amongst his many talents. Thus it’s no shock that the fans approve of him.

Nothing lasts forever… I guess the saying as heartbreaking as it is …might be true after all. Fans were devasted to find out that the two chose to part their ways.

In an interview earlier this month the sex education star, Emma Mackey disclosed that she dated her ex-partner for three years. Emma had been quite secretive about the reasons that led to her breakup but she’s trying to move on and focus on her career.

Moreover, fans assume that she might be busy as the shooting for the second season of sex education had already begun. Although we hope that she finds love again and not worry much.