See what Central Florida stands to gain from the change in Brightline ridership

The change in Brightline’s ridership in Central Florida, particularly with its new route to Orlando, signifies a growing demand for private train service in the region. This development has several implications for Central Florida:

Key Aspects of Brightline’s Impact in Central Florida

  1. Increase in Ridership: Brightline reported a significant increase in ridership following the opening of its service to Orlando. In just two months after commencing operations to Orlando in late September, the company sold nearly 200,000 tickets between South Florida and Orlando International Airport. Through November 30, Brightline sold 190,448 tickets for this route at an average fare of $90.07 each way​​.
  2. Revenue Growth: The increase in ridership potentially leads to revenue growth, which can enable Brightline to consider new stations, additional routes, and create new job opportunities. For the entire year, including its South Florida local service, the train registered 2.05 million customers​​.
  3. Expansion Plans: Brightline’s growing numbers demonstrate the demand for private train service and support the company’s plans for further expansion, including a proposed extension to Tampa. This extension is part of Brightline’s broader vision to connect major cities in Florida and alleviate traffic congestion while offering efficient transportation options​​.
  4. Economic Implications: The increasing ridership and expansion plans could have a substantial economic impact on Central Florida, potentially leading to more tourism, easier commute options, and overall economic growth in the region.
  5. Challenges and Projections: Despite the ridership bump, Brightline’s numbers remain below its own projections. Initially, the company had projected 8.9 million passengers and $665 million in revenue for 2023. However, Brightline’s total revenue for all routes was $70.9 million through the first 11 months of the year, up from $26.9 million in the first 11 months of 2022​​.
  6. Pricing and Accessibility: Ticket prices for the Orlando route vary, with standard class starting at around $79 and first class at $149 one way. Brightline offers discounts for various groups, making it a potentially accessible option for different segments of the population​​.


Brightline’s expanded service in Central Florida, particularly the Orlando route, is an important development in the region’s transportation landscape. The increase in ridership and revenue growth signals a positive response from the public and lays the groundwork for future expansion plans.

However, meeting the ridership and revenue projections remains a challenge for Brightline. The service’s success and expansion could play a crucial role in shaping the region’s transportation infrastructure and economic development.