School Roof Collapsed After 6-Inches of Snow in Corydon, Iowa

Corydon, Iowa: A school in Wayne County had its roof collapse late last week due to snow, and cleanup efforts are still underway.

Wayne Community Junior-Senior High School’s roof collapsed in the middle school cafeteria due to seven feet of snow that had accumulated on a section of the roof.

On Friday, word got out to parents that school had to close because of the snow and the water leak that ensued. Toasted portions were an attempt by the crew to melt it. However, water pouring into the walls and flooring reached hundreds of gallons.

“It was a roof that couldn’t sustain as much snow as it had. And it came down and fell down in and ripped the roof off. And it was two layers of roofing. And so it went through the top layer, stayed on the second layer in a huge hole, 7 feet of snow,” said Stacy Snyder, secondary principal at Wayne Community Schools.

The junior high basketball team got to use the high school arena for a game on Monday, while students were required to have lunch in their classrooms and use alternate routes due to the damage. Exactly what you need to stay away from the repair company’s fans and dryers.

“We have an awesome, awesome group of staff and our kids are so flexible, they walk in the door with no doubt this morning and just kind of went with the punches and didn’t detour away from the normal routine. You wouldn’t have known anything was different other than some congestion in the hallway just because of a narrow passage,” Snyder said.

According to school officials, the youngsters thought it was a fun adventure. Even though the school is damp, the repair team will keep pumping hot, dry air inside. They are targeting a cleanup of the damage within the next two weeks.

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