San Antonio Woman Lands in Jail For Human Smuggling near Batesville; Brought 3 Undocumented Men across the Border

Batesville, TX: A normal traffic stop for a violation on US 57 just west of Batesville, Texas, took an unexpected turn early on Tuesday morning. Esmeralda Abigail Trejo found herself under arrest for allegedly smuggling three males who were believed to be undocumented migrants, according to Fox San Antonio. The incident occurred during the early hours of the day. On their Facebook page, the Zavala County Sheriff’s Department provided a full account of the incident, mentioning that the arrest occurred at approximately 12:30 in the morning.

Trejo was reportedly pulled over for a minor traffic violation, according to the Zavala County Sheriff. However, the additional investigation conducted by the deputy led to the discovery of more serious offenses.

Trejo asserted that she was merely making her way back to San Antonio from Carrizo Springs and providing transportation to three distinct individuals.

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The ensuing investigation, on the other hand, discovered that the three individuals were illegally entering the nation, transforming a relatively insignificant stop into a large confiscation of illegal goods.

In the aftermath of the discovery, Trejo was arrested and charged with the smuggling of persons. He was then sent to the Zavala County Jail, as reported by BNN Breaking. During this time, her white Chevrolet Trax vehicle was handed over to a wrecker firm in the area.

After that, the three migrants were handed over to the United States Border Patrol, which brought to light the difficulties that officials frequently face when they are attempting to ensure that the borders of the country are kept secure.