Ruby Franke, a YouTube mom, has made her case materials and videos public, exposing horrifying child abuse: “Big day for evil”

In a case that has shocked and saddened many, recent documents and footage have emerged detailing severe child abuse by Ruby Franke, a mother who once provided parenting advice to millions through her popular YouTube channel.

The heart-wrenching narrative began to unfold in southern Utah, where Franke’s malnourished and bruised 12-year-old son sought help from neighbors, leading to the arrest of Franke and her business partner Jodi Hildebrandt.

The distressing series of events came to light when Franke’s son, showing visible signs of abuse and desperation, managed to escape through a window. He sought refuge at neighboring homes until his pleas for help were answered. This incident led to the exposure of the unimaginable circumstances faced by the children under Franke’s care.

Documentation from the Washington County Attorney’s office revealed journals kept by Franke herself, detailing the extent of the abuse, including starvation and physical harm.

The released evidence, including crime scene photos, body camera videos, and interrogation tapes, paint a harrowing picture of the ordeal faced by Franke’s children. According to Eric Clarke, the Washington County Attorney, the abuse was motivated by religious extremism, with Franke and Hildebrandt believing their actions were necessary to cleanse the children of supposed sins.

The severity of the charges against Franke and Hildebrandt include the imposition of extreme fasting, manual labor, and deplorable living conditions described as “concentration camp-like.” Their misguided beliefs led them to treat Franke’s children as embodiments of evil, requiring harsh “corrections” to drive out perceived demonic influences.

The community’s response has been one of overwhelming condemnation, especially from fellow members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who argue that Franke and Hildebrandt’s actions grossly misrepresent their faith and community values. The narrative deepened with the release of a video showing the young boy’s plea for help, highlighting his dire condition and the stark reality of his and his sister’s suffering.

Franke’s journals offer a chilling insight into her deluded mindset, portraying her actions as attempts to combat the evil she believed had taken hold of her children. These writings, combined with the physical evidence collected, have contributed to a narrative of profound abuse disguised under the guise of religious and parental authority.

The consequences of these actions have rippled through the Franke family and the larger community, sparking discussions on the boundaries of parental rights, the influence of extreme beliefs, and the responsibility of social platforms in regulating content that may be harmful or misleading.

The case has also led to Ruby Franke’s estrangement from her family and the end of her marriage, with Kevin Franke, Ruby’s husband, filing for divorce and seeking custody of their children.

As the legal proceedings against Ruby Franke and Jodi Hildebrandt conclude with their sentencing, the community and those following the case are left to grapple with the disturbing realities of the abuse and the long path to healing for the victims. This tragic story serves as a somber reminder of the potential for darkness hidden behind a facade of normalcy and the imperative need for vigilance and compassion in our communities.