Robbers Attacked Jewellery Store But Guard Opened Fire On Robbers in Fullerton

Fullerton, CA: An attempted robbery at a Fullerton jewelry store was thwarted by a security guard who took decisive action, according to authorities.

An incident occurred on Wednesday around noon at Happy Jewelers, which is situated in the 1500 block of South Harbor Boulevard. According to authorities, three individuals wearing masks emerged from a dark-colored vehicle, allegedly carrying what appeared to be firearms.

“Upon the suspects’ arrival at the store, a security guard in uniform took action by firing his firearm, which prompted the suspects to quickly leave the area,” stated Sgt. R. O’Neil of the Fullerton Police Department.

O’Neil reported that the security guard did not sustain any injuries. The individual stayed at the location and is presently assisting the investigators.

According to the police, there were no reports of anyone being hit by gunfire and no injuries have been reported.

There are three bullet holes clearly seen in a pillar close to the business, while a minivan’s window was also struck by a bullet. Employees at the jewelry store are commending the swift response of the security guard.

“He was planning to request a salary increase,” shared the store owner, who chose not to be shown on camera. “Now we can’t refuse.”

The suspects are still at large. Please contact the police if you have any information.

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