Rapper Arrested On DUI While On Bail From Previous Drug Offense In North Carolina

Chatham County, NC: A Georgia rapper, who is currently out on bond for federal drug charges, has been arrested once more.

According to records from Chatham County Jail, Tyquian Bowman, also known as Quando Rondo, 24, was arrested on Tuesday for charges related to driving under the influence and reckless driving.

His attorney Jonah Pine has confirmed that the arrest is related to a car accident he was involved in last summer.

Emergency responders at the scene of the crash on July 19 administered Narcan to Bowman due to his exhibited symptoms, which indicated a possible opioid overdose.

During a hearing following the crash, prosecutors requested the judge to revoke the rapper’s $100,000 bail that he had posted after his indictment in June on federal drug charges, but their request was unsuccessful.

As part of the indictment, Bowman faced four charges, one of which involved his alleged role as a manager of an illegal street gang called “Rollin’ 60’s.” He is facing additional charges for allegedly participating in the distribution of marijuana and the illegal purchase of hydrocodone pills.

After the July hearing, Bowman was instructed to abstain from drug use as a requirement for his bail. Bowan has posted a bond of $4,600 after being arrested on Tuesday, according to jail records.

Quando Rondo, the rapper, gained recognition with his singles “I Remember” and “ABG,” which caught the attention of Atlantic Records. In 2020, his debut album, “QPac,” was released by the label. His next album, “Recovery,” was released in March.

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