Postpartum Coverage for Medicaid and CHIP recipients Extended in Texas

Austin, TX: Beginning March 1, Texas will offer 12 months of postpartum care for Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Programme recipients who meet the criteria, as announced by Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

In 2023, a new law was passed extending Medicaid and CHIP postpartum care from two months to 12 months under House Bill 12. The expanded coverage is available to all pregnant Medicaid and CHIP members, or individuals who become pregnant.

In January, Governor Abbott and the HHSC revealed that Texas received approval from the Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services to introduce postpartum coverage.

Texas residents who were pregnant while enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP will have their coverage automatically reinstated for the remainder of their 12-month postpartum period.

Medicaid and CHIP cover a range of services including regular medical checkups, prescription drugs, vaccines, hospital care, X-rays, and lab tests. Approximately 137,000 women to receive 12-month postpartum coverage in fiscal year 2025, according to the press release.

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