‘Please Give Me the Money’ Robber Acquitted in Chicago Bank Robbery For Politeness

Chicago, Illinois: An individual from Chicago was found not guilty of bank robbery last week, as his defense team successfully argued that his actions did not meet the criteria for robbery due to his polite demeanor while requesting the money from the teller.

According to the Chicago Tribune, in December 2021, Mohamed Worku reportedly approached a bank clerk in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood and handed them a note that said, “Give me the money Please Thank You.”

The teller complied, and Worku left with approximately $600. He was later apprehended and faced legal charges. Last week, a judge acquitted him since prosecutors were unable to prove that he acted with “intimidation” in the bank robbery case.

However, only three days after the 31-year-old’s acquittal, he reportedly visited a different bank in Lincoln Park and handed the teller a note with unclear intentions.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by the Tribune, it is alleged that Worku took approximately $2,000 in cash. He was apprehended a mere half mile from the bank, less than an hour after the incident.

In a recent development, federal prosecutors have lodged a complaint against Worku for both bank robbery and bank theft. The latter charge pertains to the act of taking money from a bank, even without the use of intimidation.

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