Places with the Best Public Schools in America

Education is a crucial aspect of a child’s development and a key factor for many families when choosing where to live. In 2023, the landscape of public education in the United States continues to evolve, with various cities and districts standing out for their exceptional public schools. This article delves into the places with the best public schools in America, offering a comprehensive guide for families and educators alike.

1. Newton, Massachusetts

Renowned for its strong academic record, Newton, Massachusetts, remains at the forefront of public education in 2023. Its schools are celebrated for their innovative teaching methods and a curriculum that emphasizes both academic and personal development. With a student-to-teacher ratio that allows for individualized attention, Newton’s public schools provide an environment conducive to learning at all levels.

2. Edina, Minnesota

Edina, a suburb of Minneapolis, is recognized for its excellent public school system. The district boasts high graduation rates and outstanding college readiness programs. Additionally, Edina’s schools are known for their extracurricular activities, including sports and arts, enhancing the overall educational experience.

3. Naperville, Illinois

In the heart of Illinois, Naperville’s public schools are distinguished for their academic excellence. The city’s commitment to technology integration in education, along with a wide array of Advanced Placement (AP) courses, prepares students effectively for higher education and the workforce.

4. Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington’s public schools have gained attention for their balanced approach to education. Emphasizing both academic achievements and character development, these schools offer a well-rounded education. Lexington’s focus on inclusive education ensures that students from diverse backgrounds feel welcomed and supported.

5. Palo Alto, California

Situated in the Silicon Valley, Palo Alto is home to some of the nation’s most innovative public schools. The district is known for its strong STEM programs and partnerships with tech companies, providing students with unique learning opportunities and exposure to the latest technological advancements.

6. Fairfax County, Virginia

Fairfax County’s public schools are highly regarded for their comprehensive education programs. The district offers a variety of International Baccalaureate (IB) and AP courses, along with numerous extracurricular activities. This diversity in educational offerings caters to a wide range of student interests and aptitudes.

7. Plano, Texas

Plano’s public schools are notable for their academic rigor and a strong focus on preparing students for college. The district provides a broad range of educational pathways, including vocational and technical education, catering to different student needs and career aspirations.

8. Bellevue, Washington

Bellevue is known for its culturally diverse and academically challenging public schools. The district emphasizes global awareness and multicultural education, preparing students to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

9. Boulder, Colorado

With a strong emphasis on environmental education and outdoor learning, Boulder’s public schools offer a unique educational experience. The district integrates environmental stewardship into its curriculum, fostering a sense of responsibility and connection to the natural world among students.

10. Cary, North Carolina

Cary’s public schools stand out for their commitment to academic excellence and innovative teaching strategies. The district’s schools are equipped with modern facilities and resources, providing students with an optimal learning environment.


The quality of public schools in these cities reflects a broader commitment to education in the United States. Each of these places offers unique educational experiences, but they all share a common dedication to nurturing the academic and personal growth of their students. As families consider relocating, these cities represent some of the best options for public education in America in 2023. The ongoing investment in public education in these areas not only benefits current students but also sets a standard for future generations.