Oakland To Get 120 Highway Patrol Officers In Response To Recent Crime Surge

Sacramento, CA: California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) revealed his intention to dispatch 120 Highway Patrol officers to Oakland and the East Bay in response to a concerning surge in crime.

California plans to temporarily boost law enforcement presence in Oakland and the East Bay. As part of this effort, 120 California Highway Patrol officers will be deployed to crack down on criminal activity, such as vehicle theft, retail theft, and violent crime.

“While crime rates across California are on the decline, including in nearby San Francisco, Oakland is experiencing a contrasting trend,” stated Newsom. The current situation in this picturesque city and its surrounding area is deeply concerning and cannot be tolerated.

“I am dispatching the California Highway Patrol to support the local initiatives aimed at reinstating a feeling of security that the diligent residents of Oakland and the East Bay rightfully expect and merit,” he stated.

According to the governor’s office, there will be a significant increase in law enforcement presence in Oakland and Alameda County. The office announced that officers will focus their efforts on combating auto theft, cargo theft, retail crime, and violent crime, and ensuring high-visibility traffic enforcement.

Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao expressed her gratitude for the assistance provided by Newsom in a statement.

Thao expressed strong disapproval of the current surge of crime and violence in our streets. The City of Oakland is actively working to make positive changes by ramping up law enforcement investigations, boosting police recruitment, and investing in community and violence intervention efforts.

Preliminary statistics indicate a concerning rise in crime rates in Oakland. The governor’s office has reported a 21 percent increase in violent crime, a 38 percent increase in robbery, and a staggering 45 percent increase in vehicle theft in 2023. According to Newsom’s office, the increase in crime in Oakland contrasts with the decrease in crime in other regions such as Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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