Nicholas Cage’s New Thriller is All About an Unwelcomed Man with a Midlife Crisis in The Surfer

Grinning local bullies who consider the beach their own turf vs. a middle-aged man’s desire to ride a monster wave in this suspenseful film. At the Cannes Film Festival, the image lands like a drunk with wild eyes and a brawl. Due to the middle-aged man’s anonymity, it is both distinctive and lively. The Surfer is worth examining in greater detail.

Plot and Cast of The Surfer

A gang of local surfers embarrass a man in front of his adolescent son when he comes to Australia to purchase his family house after living in the US for a long time. The man claims ownership of the remote beach where he spent his boyhood. He refuses to leave the beach, even though he is hurt, and he is begging to be accepted. His very identity is called into doubt as the fight intensifies, pushing him to the brink of insanity.

Nicholas Cage's New Thriller is All About an Unwelcomed Man with a Midlife Crisis in The Surfer (1)

With his distant and similarly unidentified teenage son (Finn Little) riding shotgun in the passenger seat, Cage’s unnamed character drives his luxurious Lexus to a secluded beach in Australia, close to his childhood home. The father, who was born in Australia but moved to California as a young man (hence his lack of accent), is planning to surprise his son by buying back the house where he was reared and taking him to a surf spot he loved as a child.

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Nicholas is part of an Australian ensemble cast that also includes Nic Cassim, Alexander Bertrand, Justin Rosniak, Rahel Romahn, Finn Little, Charlotte Maggi, and Julian McMahon.

Release Date

On May 17, 2024, The Surfer had its world premiere at the world-renowned Cannes Film Festival. Although there is no date set for the public release


Many will fall in love with The Surfer right away. It quickly turns into a crazy series of events, complete with a hypnotic score, scorching lighting, and psychedelic lensing. The plot gets more and more like the over-the-top acting that fans of this type love from Nicolas Cage as the Surfer loses control of his mind.

People are amazed as the Surfer drinks dirty tap water and fights group members half his age to free the beach where he spent his childhood. After this, the Surfer starts to doubt his own life and mind, which makes reality less clear. He even seems like a different person at one point, and everything that was shown at the beginning of the movie was just in his head.

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