New World Resource Guide: Sateen Material Location and How to Get Sateen in New World

The survival games should pay attention to the certain balance of the crafting mechanics, especially in New World. New World provides players with necessary and creative crafting recipes in order to stimulate the ideas of players in the game. Players can find that there is a comfortable balance in the crafting parts of the game. For instance, dealing with some specific materials and resources.

Sateen is a source of material in the game, which can be used to craft some necessary engineering items and a variety of sets of steel armor, and more. However, players can buy New World Gold to gain more XP for upgrading their Trading Skills in the game, which helps them to craft better items in New World.


Except for Sateen, players can find other materials to create some desired goods in New World. So, you can craft them for yourself or buy them from others in the market. It is easy to buy lower-tier resources in the game, but, you may spend a lot of time or energy on some rare materials.

How to Craft Sateen in New World

How to Craft Sateen in New World

The player should remember that it is essential to improve their Weaving level up to 20 or higher to access it. And they also need to find a refining station(Tier 3) called Loom, which is used to deal with any type of cloth.

You can find Looms on the map. They are marked with an icon that seems like a house with lines. When you are close to the Loom, they look like huge wooden frames with plenty of threads vertically stretched on them. In order to craft Sateen, players need to gather other components as well, including Linen and Solvent. Players should prepare 3 Linen and 1 Solvent for each piece of Sateen.

Where are Linen and Solvent?

How to Get Linen

How to Get Linen

Linen, just like Sateen and the higher Tiers of cloth, are only refined at Looms. But, Linen is one of the most normal materials in New World. You don’t need to reach a high Weaving level to make it.

Players can find Fibers by gathering Hemp plants in the grasslands and forests on the continent. You should prepare 4 Fibers for 1 Linen, which it is easy for players to do. You can gather a ton of Fibers from each Hemp plant in the wild.

How to Get Solvent

How to Get Solvent

Players may think that Solvent is not as important as Linen in New World, because it takes fewer percent compared to Linen. However, Solvent is an important resource for many other relevant recipes. So, players should look for and store Solvent as much as possible in the game. You can find Solvent in crates and other containers that existed anywhere on the continent.

In order to find Solvent as much as possible, players should make sure that they have searched for each container fully because it is the only way to get solvent from wild crates and chests. Players should not worry about the number of containers on the continent, it will refresh frequently in the process of traveling.

Sateen in New World is an important resource for players to gather. You can use them to craft armor, furniture, weapons, and many other engineering items. There are many different tier levels of armor you can choose to craft according to your character level in the game. And you can also craft some basic furniture for your house, such as Curved Grassy Rug and silk. If you are worried about how to find rare materials in the game, you can buy New World Coins to buy them from the market. It is essential for you to save energy and time on searching for resources. Cheap New World Coins are sold on

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