New Poll Finds Opposition To Electric Vehicle Regulations In Seven States

Seven states are against petrol car bans, according to a poll by the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers, the top fuel trade group.

The majority of registered and probable voters in states where the presidential and senate races are taking place are against government initiatives to ban new petrol automobiles and impose electric vehicle mandates, according to polls conducted in Arizona, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Based on the findings:

  • Among Arizonans, 61% are against and 16% are in favour.
  • Within Michigan, 87% are against the measure, while 8% are in favour.
  • As for Montana, there is a 74% opposing vote and a 9% supporting vote.
  • According to Nevada, 61% are against and 14% are in favour.
  • In Ohio, 66% are against and 11% are for.
  • In Pennsylvania, 57% are against and 32% are for.
  • Wisconsin: 32% in favour, 64% against.

Nearly 70% of new automobiles sold in the US would have to be electric instead of gas-powered, according to national polling. 60% of people who are expected to vote in the general election in 2024 are against this proposal. Among independents, 61% are against. According to Republicans, 87% say this.

Among Michiganders, “strong democrats” make up about 71% of the opposition to prohibitions, while “lean democrats” account for 82.5 % and Independents for 91.3%.

The goal of President Joe Biden is to have half of all vehicles sold be electric by the year 2030. With 1.9 million fewer vehicles than planned, Michigan will fall 1.9 million short of its 2030 target of 2 million EVs.

Most people are afraid to buy electric vehicles because of concerns about its range, limited charging options, and expensive initial expenses.

As part of its shift to electric vehicles, General Motors has laid off over 1,300 staff and acquired another 5,000.

Before cutting 800 jobs due to weak demand for electric vehicles, a Ford Motor Co. site in Marshall, Michigan was planning to receive a $1.75 billion subsidy. This included $630 million for site infrastructure development, $772 million in tax credits over 15 years, a grant of $120 million from the Michigan Strategic Site Readiness Programme, a grant of $210 million from the Michigan Critical Industry Programme, and $36 million from the Jobs for Michigan Investment Fund Loan Programme.

Representatives from the United States have demanded an investigation into the Marshall plant’s supply chain on the grounds that four firms involved in the alleged genocide of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, the People’s Liberation Army, the North Korean government, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, and entities already listed on the Commerce Entity List provide goods and services to these groups.

Under her proposed $25 million programme, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer would provide $2,000 towards the purchase of an electric vehicle, with an additional $500 available for vehicles manufactured by unions.

Opponents of EVs argue that the transition to EVs will lead to reduced pollution, lower maintenance costs due to fewer oil changes, and less dependence on fossil fuels.

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