New body cam footage shows what happened after a Miami Heat player crashed and seriously hurt a man

In a distressing event captured on new body cam footage, the aftermath of a severe traffic accident involving a Miami Heat player has come to light, leaving one individual critically injured.

The video provides a stark view of the chaos following the crash, highlighting the critical moments and the emotional toll taken on all involved.

The incident unfolded in Southwest Miami-Dade, involving Haywood Highsmith, a forward for the Miami Heat, whose vehicle, a 2021 Audi, was heavily damaged in the collision. The deployed airbags and scattered debris on the street paint a grim picture of the incident’s severity.

Haywood Highsmith, visibly shaken and emotional, confirmed to the responding police officer that he was driving alone at the time of the accident.

The victim of this unfortunate event was 21-year-old Alekxei Pino, who was standing in the street assisting another driver with car troubles when Highsmith, returning home from a Miami Heat home game at the Kaseya Center, collided with him.

The body cam footage reveals a distraught scene, with Highsmith being consoled by a woman at the site of the accident.

According to the crash report, Highsmith was traveling westbound on Southwest 136th Street approaching Southwest 138th Avenue when he encountered a vehicle stopped in the middle of the road without any lights on.

Despite his attempts, Highsmith was unable to stop his vehicle in time, resulting in the collision that critically injured Pino. The report indicates that Highsmith was driving at a speed of 45 miles per hour in a zone marked for 40 miles per hour, further complicating the circumstances surrounding the accident.

The impact of the crash was devastating for Pino, who suffered from severe injuries, including a partial amputation of his right leg, a compound fracture to his left leg, and a potential broken left arm.

The community has rallied around Pino, establishing a GoFundMe page to support him through this challenging time.

The page shares Pino’s harrowing experience, detailing how the collision pinned him between two cars, leading to life-altering injuries and the daunting journey of rebuilding his life after the loss of his leg.

In the aftermath of the accident, Highsmith faces charges of careless driving, with the police report citing him as a “driver distracted” for reasons yet to be disclosed.

The legal repercussions extend beyond the charges, as Pino’s attorney has confirmed that a lawsuit is being filed against Highsmith, potentially setting the stage for a prolonged legal battle.

This incident serves as a harrowing reminder of the consequences of distracted driving and the importance of road safety.

The lives of all individuals involved have been irrevocably changed, highlighting the need for heightened awareness and caution while behind the wheel. The community and fans alike await further developments as the case unfolds, hoping for justice and recovery for the victim of this tragic accident.