My Beautiful Man Season 3 Release Date: Find Everything We Know About the Show!

My Beautiful Man is a very intriguing Japanese drama series that follows a story that will leave you hooked on the show and has successfully done with many. The show has much more value to it when it comes to its core of it. Despite the show being a gay romantic show, the show appeals much larger audience and does its job well.

The hard work of every single person involved with the show is quite evident. This is why it currently has 2 successful seasons running under it. The continuation of the story has got everybody eager for the renewal of the series for season 3.


This question will be thoroughly answered in this article as we discuss everything you need to know about My Beautiful Man season 3 and its release date.

My Beautiful Man Season 3 Be Cancelled Or Renewed

Many viewers have appreciated this charming Japanese drama series, and the producers have not wasted the chance to make more money by continuing the plot in season 2.

Season 2 premiered on March 1, 2023, although it is too soon to give an overall impression of the show. The program hasn’t been officially canceled or renewed yet, although season 3 is rumored to be greenlit for 2024.

My Beautiful Man Season 3 Release Date

My Beautiful Man Season 3 Release Date

The studio has not confirmed the veracity of the season 3 renewal rumors circulating online, which indicate that the show could return in 2024. Although fans have been kept in the loop, season 3 of My Beautiful Man has not yet been given a premiere date or time.

My Beautiful Man Season 3 Cast And Crew

One of the most crucial aspects of a show is the cast and crew. Both must perform well in order for the show to work on the platform. The content has been well-crafted, and the acting cast ensures that with their abilities.

Actor Role
Riku Hagiwara Hira Kazunari
Yusei Yagi Kiyoi Sou
Akira Takano Koyama Kazuki

My Beautiful Man Plotline

Hira, a seventeen-year-old teenager who stutters and would want to stay anonymous at school, is at the center of the exquisite Japanese drama series My Exquisite Man. Until he meets Kiyoi Sou, he leads a solitary existence in his own universe.

My Beautiful Man Season 3 Release Date

My Beautiful Man takes the tired trope of an introverted protagonist with an extrovert girlfriend and turns it on its head with the character of Hira, who spends his days attempting to avoid interaction with the outside world. When this kind of boy meets Kiyoi Sou and immediately falls in love with him, you’re in for a hilarious and beautiful love story.

My Beautiful Man, although about a gay couple, has remained an upbeat, romantic show. Each piece of the story has been carefully arranged for your enjoyment.

How many Episodes Will My Beautiful Man Season 3 Have?

The story of My Beautiful Man has been told over the course of ten episodes and two seasons. So far, it’s clear that the studio prefers to keep each season short in order to maintain fans’ interest. Season 3 of My Beautiful Man, if it ever comes, will follow a similar pattern. Season 3 may therefore only consist of 5 or 6 episodes when it finally premieres.

My Beautiful Man Season 3 Trailer

Despite rumors, My Beautiful Man season 3 has not yet been renewed by the studio. The show recently received its second season, which began on March 1, 2023.

The studio is now evaluating it, which is why there will be no My Beautiful Man season 3 teaser anytime soon. Still, you can watch the My Beautiful Man season 2 trailer by clicking on it below.

Where to Watch My Beautiful Man?

Finding your favorite shows online can be a difficult chore. It takes a lot of effort and searching through different OTT sites to find and watch your favorite show.

We understand your frustration, which is why we let you know which OTT platform your favorite material is available on in this part. As a result, My Beautiful Man is easily accessible on Viki.

How has My Beautiful Man Been Rated So Far?

For all sorts of material, ratings, and reviews are important since they help draw in new viewers to the program or piece of content.

This is impacted by numerous circumstances, but My Beautiful Man has handled them all rather well. My Beautiful Man received a respectable 7.7 out of 10 on IMDb as a result.


My Beautiful Man is a gorgeous Japanese television series. This gay romantic comedy series has touched a great number of emotions and performed quite well across platforms. There have been two successful seasons of the program to date.

Studio has made substantial profits from the show, which is rumored to return for a third season in 2024 but there is no official confirmation of this. Any additional information regarding the series will be communicated to you as soon as it is released by the studio. Therefore, remember to monitor our website.

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