Mule Hit By Car & Bike Died From Injuries in California

Los Angeles, California: A mule died after it was severely hit by a car and a bike. The collision happened on Saturday.

The fatality occurred on Reche Canyon Road near Center Street in Riverside. CHP responded promptly after they were reported of the crash. The crash happened at around 1:17 AM.

The CHP reports state that the car and the donkey collided at about 1:17 in the morning. Surprisingly, it appears that the implicated vehicle departed the scene, leaving an animal suffering.

A neighbor discovered the critically injured donkey on the road at 1:20 AM. Regrettably, later reports revealed that nearby cars were swerving to avoid the injured animal.

There was an instant dispatch of emergency personnel, including CALFIRE, to the location. The already strange conditions were further complicated when a witness stated at 1:23 AM that a motorbike rider was involved in the crash.

After learning of the incident at 1:39 AM, the Riverside Sheriff’s Office ordered a tow truck to remove the affected vehicles. The deceased donkey’s removal, however, proved to be difficult.

After phoning Animal Control, one should expect to wait for them to arrive for approximately one hour. We decided to wait until regular work hours to remove the animal from the site because of the late hour.

After concluding the investigation and cleaning the scene, the CHP finally confirmed at 4:13 AM that the roadway was open.

The CHP is looking into the circumstances of the collision, including the first vehicle’s decision to flee the scene and the alleged involvement of a motorbike.